Two different Worlds

April 17, 2011
By romancejunky1998 SILVER, Cornubia, Other
romancejunky1998 SILVER, Cornubia, Other
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A scream rang through the cloudy night, which on other terms would have scared me to death-its ironic because tectonically I can't die,being a vampire and all- but tonight it was a sign that she was still alive. For now anyway. I gracefully jump onto the wooden fence. The fence being over a foot taller than me I thought it was pretty impressive. I ran down the fence careful not to fall because I may be a vampire but it still would put me out of action for a while. Right now, I don't have a while because I need to be down the end of the block two minutes ago.

I flipped of the fence landing on the ground smoothly because if I was going to be a good vampire and save people I was going to do it in style. I saw a limp figure on the floor even before I turned it over I knew it wasn't her. I heard the pulse before the war cry, she vaulted of the fence with stake in hand-the one thing that might kill me(but only for a cycle or a 'normal' human life time)- but I caught her mid-leap.

"Oh Trisor, thank god. I thought you were one of them" Liberia exhaled in relief "You know what my full name means, right?" I asked wanting to get this straight "Trisor De Moarte,right? But no I don't know. What does it mean?" I could see in her eyes she really wanted to know."It means 'Cheater of Death' so now do you see why you can't thank god for me, especially with a name like yours." There was a questioning look in her eyes."You don't know what your name means?" I asked raising one eyebrow.Liberia shook her head sending blond waves everywhere "Liberia De Viata, both our names are Romanian but your name means 'Freer of Life' so we aren't meant to be in each others world"

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