April 6, 2011
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It is said to be that there is a heaven and a hell, but what is in the middle? She wondered
about this sometimes as she woke up from a dream that left her wondering. As her mother yelled
from downstairs, “Pia! Happy Friday my dearest daughter!”, she jumped out of bed wondering
why she sounded so happy. Pia was a beautiful teenage girl in her last year of high school. Born
and raised in Vancouver. With her parents being how they are she has had her life planned since
the day she got out of elementary school. But the one thing she didn't plan for was her marriage.
For the past year the only thing on her parents mind was for her to get married. They just
thought she was having to much fun in her life and wanted her to settle down.
Just as she finished fixing her hair and makeup she rushed downstairs to see what had her
mother all happy. Before she could say anything she fell into her fathers sight, “ Look at you
coming around like honey and fly like a bee!”. The first thing she thought was that he had been
taking to much advice from the neighbor hood kids on how to be “cool”. Then she sees her
mom in the kitchen cooking up a feast. With the smell of the spices and the other heavenly
aromas in the air of the cultural cooking, she stopped to ask what the occasion was. “Silly girl! I
knew you would forget. Happy birthday!”. The look on her face was priceless. Of course she was
excited to remember the fact that today was the day she turned 18, but at the same time the stupid
feeling that she forgot her own birthday had her laughing hysterically. And because of her
laughter being contagious, her mother soon started to join her.
Like all good things the laughter came to an end. Pia soon ate her delicious breakfast, gave
a kiss goodbye to her family, and was on her way to school. At school she was known as the
pretty, rich, quiet, Indian girl that always had a mysterious appeal.
As she parked and stepped out of her car, she began to wonder who would and who
wouldn't wish her a happy birthday.
The day went on as if it was any other Friday. Pia got birthday wishes from all of her
teachers and some of her classmates. As lunch came around she decided to go home for the day.
No one was expecting her to be home at the hour. She thought it would be nice to spend some
extra time at home with her parents. As she arrived home she saw two white vans parked outside.
Anxious to see what was going on she rushes inside. She sees the house being decorated. Dazed
and confused, she yells out for her mom and dad as if a little girl lost at the park. She walks into
the kitchen to find not only her mother, but her aunts, uncles, and cousins cooking an enormous
amount of food. As she stops and stares so does everyone else and soon enough they all
scream,”Surprise!.” The last thing she expected when she came home was a party all for her.
As she went around giving and getting hugs, her dad pulls her aside to talk. “Dad, I can't
thank you guys enough!”, she said with joy. As they sat down the father said,” Pia, I know I
sound like a broken record, but your mother and I have found a nice boy for you to marry and
we would like for you to meet him.” Pia had already met countless amounts of boys that her parents
had arranged. And she never spoke a single word to any of them. Its not that she was ignorant,
or scared. She had always thought her husband and her would meet naturally.
As Pia sat there with an awkward face, her dad went on to tell her that he would be at the
party along with his family. She always met the boys arranged just to make her parents feel good.
Soon, after a cup of tea, her mother proposed that she take a nap and she completely agreed. So
she ran upstairs, freshened up and was out like a light.
One of the things she loved to do was sleep. Not only did she love to sleep but she loved
to dream. She loved to dream because anything was possible. She loved that anything could happen
and not knowing what would happen.
Soon Pia awoke naturally from her beautiful nap. She had seen that the light in her room
was darker than it was before. She looked outside, saw the sun setting and realized that she had
been sleeping for four hours. She was shocked and did not know what to do. Luckily her mom
walks in with a garment bag. She turned on the lights, Pia saw the bag and her stomach automatically
filled with butterflies. As she unzipped the bag her eyes had ran into the most beautiful Indian
outfit she had ever seen. She fell in love with it. It was black and green and was covered in
gems. “This looks like it was made for me!”, she said.
Within time she was fully dressed and looking like a jewel. She was anxious to head
downstairs where her party awaited her. Not paying attention, she ran down the staircase and
tripped. She had tripped in a way where she could not stop her self and ended up tumbling down
more than half the staircase into a crowd of people waiting for her entrance. She quickly got up,
fixed her hair, and began to act as if nothing happened.
Her mom had seen everything from the top of the stairs and rushed down to see if her
daughter was okay. After a short while of looking she had finally found her sitting in the backyard
by herself. “Is everything okay? Are you hurt?”, she asked. Pia simply looked at her and started
laughing once again. She couldn't contain herself. Her contagious laugh had soon spread and
she was laughing so hard she started to cry.
After she had calmed down and the party heated up she went to get a drink. On her way
into the kitchen she run into a guy that she had never met before. As she ran into him and fell on
to the floor she wondered who this was. She quickly jumped to her feet with anger. But when
she stared at him she was speechless. “Are you okay?” he asked. “Well I just fell on my a** for the
second time tonight. I'm doing great”, she replied sarcastically. “Well as long as you didn't get
hurt...” he added. Pia stood there without a thought in her mind. The two just stood there staring
at one another. Then with a quick chuckle he walked away.
She was left standing there completely lost. Her dad had seen what had happened. He approached
her and said, “ So what do you think?”. “Think of what?”, she replied. He noticed that
she was smiling and got excited himself. He started to attack her with questions. “What did you
two talk about? Was he nice? Were you nice? Do you like him?”. She soon came to realize that
the guy she ran into was the boy her parents had arranged for her to marry. “I do like him”, she
said. And she walked away.
Her dad was soon full of happiness because this was the first time that Pia said she liked a
boy that they had found for her. He had already thought that it would be as usual and her reply
would have been no. He soon rushed to tell his wife the good news.
After Pia walked away she went upstairs to check her hair and makeup. As she did that
she wondered for the first time how her life would be if she had got married. She didn't think it
would have been that bad. She actually thought it would be nice to fall in love.
While sitting in front of her vanity she heard a knock on her door. Assuming it was her
mother she said,”Come in”. But it wasn't her mother. It was him. As he opened the door and
walked in she saw him the reflection of the mirror. As soon as she saw him her heart dropped.
“Can I come in?”, he asked. “Who said you couldn't?”, she replied. From the look on his face he
looked impressed. She wouldn't turn away from the mirror. He walked up behind her and said “
You look beautiful tonight.” She blushed and said nothing. After a moment of silence and admiring
one another he enthusiastically said “So... What do you think?” She was confused by the
question but excited by the enthusiasm. She then stood up. “Of what?”, she replied. “Of me” he
said. She stopped to think. “But I barely know you,” she said. “Wow,” he said. “You are the first
girl to say that to me. Others wanted to marry me without even saying anything to me. Crazy
isn't it.” “I know exactly how you feel. There have been so many boys who want to marry me
that I haven't even made eye contact with,”she replied. He smiled and said “Well then I guess
that puts me ahead of the game.” Pia was left yet again speechless. He started to head out of the
room. “ Where are you going?”, she asked. He looked at her and said “ The night is young my
dear. Join me and lets watch it age to perfection.” He then took her hand and gently kissed it.
This was an offer she could not refuse so they both headed back to the party.
They ended up spending the rest of the party with each other. As they danced the night
away Pia's parents noticed how much fun the two were having. Soon enough, the party had
come to an end. Pia had got to know him well and was feeling good about the thought of spending
more time with him.
The both of them were sitting on the sofa admiring each other. Suddenly, Pia jumped up
and looked as if she was shocked. “Whats wrong?” he asked. She then again started to laugh. But
this time was worse than the last. “I don't know your name!” she cried. “You don't?” he said. “I
don't. Don't hate me,” she said. He laughed and said “Well I don't know if I should tell you or
not. Its funny how you want to marry me and not even know my name.” “How do you know ?”
she added. “You just told me,” he said. Pia was embarrassed and flattered. “My name is Ajay,” he
whispered in her ear.
As Ajay was about to leave for the night Pia had stopped him. “Make sure you give me a
ring,” she said. And he looked at her with a face as if he wasn't going to. She had realized what
she said and how it sounded and added “I meant on the phone.” As he left, she rushed upstairs to
fall asleep, and dream about what was headed her way.

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