On The Corner of Future & Dream

March 23, 2011
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She walks forwards, a blazing in her eyes. She stops right in front of him, her eyes locked with his.

She doesn’t know his face. She doesn’t know his body. She doesn’t even know his name. She only knows his eyes. That was all she needed to know.

They are beautiful eyes. Magical eyes. Loving eyes. They go on forever and ever. They are pools, just waiting to be filled. Filled with sights. Filled with feelings and sensations.

His eyes are always changing, and yet they stay the same. They are still his eyes. They are always his eyes. His wonderful, glorious eyes.

And they are always looking at her. Watching her. Gazing at her. When they look at her, they are filled to the brim, waiting, wanting, to spill over. Spill over and wash away the rest of the world.

His eyes are filled with tender longing, sweet desire, and an unspeakable yearning. A yearning to touch, to know, to feel her. Feel her heart beating against his. A desire to love her, with all that he is and all that he will be. To cherish her for all time.

But his eyes also hold a sad smile. A waiting smile. The sad knowledge that waiting brings. That time, slow and sweet, must pass, before the yearning can be fulfilled. Before the fiery longing can be relieved. Time must pass. Waiting must happen.

And neither know how much.

She raises her hand to touch his unknown face, but she cannot reach him. Cannot touch him. Her hand stretches and reaches but she cannot touch. And the blaze in her eye grows stronger and fiercer as she tries harder and harder, though she knows.
She knows, beyond a doubt, that she will not reach him. Will not be able to reach him. Not now. Not for a while. Not for a while at least. Her mind knows this, but her heart does not accept it. Cannot accept it. And so she tries, and tries, and tries. And fails.
But she is not able to stop. Refuses to stop.
She just needs to reach him.
“Wake up, sweetie!”
I open my eyes, slowly. I look at my mom’s face.
“You fell asleep, honey. But it’s time to go.”
I nod. She turns and leaves me to get ready.
I sigh.
A dream. A wish. A hope for the future.
A guy who would look at me…and love me completely. A man who will want me for me. All of me. All the good, bad, and in between.
I sigh and get up.
Just a dream.
Just a pair of haunting eyes in a blank and nameless face.
Waiting for me.

Wait for me.

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