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Love & Recovery

Part 1:
Sam drug her feet as she exited Room 432, Health. She crossed the hall and shuffled over to Room 445, English.
The bright sign on the door declared that it was Mrs. Dekens classroom. Sam opened the door and walked in, letting it close loudly behind her. Mrs. Dekens looked up, a smile crossing her face when she saw Sam leaning on a near-by desk. But her smile quickly faded. Sam wasn't smiling. It shouldn't have been a shock though, Sam never smiled. Mrs. Dekens didn't know, but on the inside, Sam was smiling. School was over,but her afternoon wasn't close to being over,and that was what was making her grimace. It made her sick just thinking about it.
Not able to handle the silence any longer, Mrs. Dekens talked softly, "So Sam, how was your day at school today?" There was a short silence before Sam spoke, then she replied, "Same old Same old. I just came by to tell you that my mom is picking me up today. I thought that you might want to come down and say hello before we go." " Ah yes,thank you Sam. I would love to come down and say hello to your mother. Where are you going today?" She dropped her almost embarrassed gaze to the floor, and replied,"It's Wednesday, same place as always." " Oh yea, I forgot about that. Well head down and I'll meet you down there in a few minutes." With that Sam left the classroom. Since the beginning of the year, Mrs. Dekens had treated Sam like family, as well as a student. Sam's mom, Melinda, had known Mrs. Dekens for 35 years, and 16 years ago when Sam was just a newborn. Ever since then she had been considered part of the family.
As Sam exited the school a group of fake gagged and ran away. Another group plugged their noses'.
Her secret wasn't exactly a secret anymore.

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leneypanini said...
Jul. 4, 2011 at 1:16 am
I'm actually kind of confused and don't understand... Would you please explain it a little to me? Sorry.
CheyMJonas replied...
Aug. 16, 2011 at 6:59 pm
I like it i can relate it to me very much so
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