Fireflies-chapter 3

February 19, 2011
By wolfwriter GOLD, Middletown, Connecticut
wolfwriter GOLD, Middletown, Connecticut
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Her voice echoed down the hall behind me. "You won't get away with this! You willbe punished!"

Chapter 3:

The rest of the week passed without much event. I found out that Caleb was in all my classes for the other day and the queen bee didn't really bother me much but I could always feel her glare on my back.(Unfortunately, she was in the classes as well.)

It was Friday after school now and I was walking around in the backyard. I kept glancing at the edge of the trees. All that wood/forest and no one exploring them. No one letting their imagination go overboard and allow them to escape into a fantasy world where they're in control.

"Hey shorty! Dinner's in an hour!" James called through one of the windows.

"I wonder what Mary is making tonight." I muttered under my breath.

"You better wash up soon!" James came stuck his head out, "We're having pasta and meatballs (A/N:I can't see my dilema.) and Mary doesn't want anyone to be late. Got it shorty?" he smiled, making fun of my height (compared to him that is) again.

"Got it moron." I smiled back. He glared at me for a second before going back inside. The sun had begun setting, making everything slightly dimmer, and the fireflies were beginning to come out. I glanced back at the house. "I'm sure Mary can forgive me for being a little late." I thought before walking toward the trees.

"K-kyra! Wait!" I turned and saw Annabell coming toward me, her bear swinging behind her.

"What's up?" I asked. Over the past week, we seemed to have gotten closer. Now she was actually like the little sister I never had but more...almost like my own daughter. That's how much I liked her now.

"C-can I come with you? I-I've never really been in the w-woods before."

I had kinda wanted to go alone but I couldn't say no to her. "Sure. Just don't get lost, ok?" She nodded and we started in. Pretty soon we came to a slightly beaten path. The sun had set a lot further so it had gotten quite a bit darker and the fireflies were all out.

"Wow." Annabell whispered, as breathless as I was by the breath-taking sight. Our normal eyes couldn't see too much. The fireflies danced it the dark air, lighting up small bits of the woods at a time. It was like we were in another world and it was absolutely beautiful.

"You said it. Come on, let's keep walking." A smaller trail broke off and I decided to follow that, Annabell's little footsteps following me. More fireflies greeted us. "Wait. Stop." I said in a hushed tone, holding my arm out to stop her.

"W-what is it?" she mumbled. Up ahead, I could hear heavy footsteps. That meant someone was in our woods. I started to creep forward and she followed me. In front of us was the dark shape of a person, obviously a guy.

"Hello?" I called out.

The person turned around and moved closer so I could finally see who it was. "Kyra?"

"Caleb? What are you doing here?" I asked.

"I could ask you the same thing." he frowned.

"I live here." I frowned. "Well, the house over there, not the actual woods 'cuz that would be odd-" I cut myself off as I started rambling. "Urgh! You know what I mean! Now why are you here?"

"I live near here and I had the sudden urge to come explore." he explained. "Is that okay?"

I shrugged. "Whatever. Anyway, I'm off again."

"Mind if I come along?" he asked as I turned away.

I looked back. "Guess not. Just don't bug me."

"Yes, ma'am." he chuckled.

"Come on Annabell." I smiled at her and we went back to the original path. We stayed on that for a while, Annabell behind me, and Caleb following her, until it came to a sort of fork. One was more beaten and worn while the other was obviously less taken. Guess which one I took. (A/N: For I took the road less taken, and that has made all the dfference. Sorry. Had to quote Robert Frost.)

"Kyra, it's getting too dark. Maybe you should head back home." Caleb's voice broke the almost silence.

"I can see fine. If you and Annabell want to leave, be my guest and make sure she gets home." I replied.

"And leave you out here alone? I don't think so!" he exclaimed.

"I-i don't want to go." Annabell stuttered. "Unless y-you want m-me to." she added.

"Of course not." I said, stopping in the path. My eyes immediately locked onto a firefly that flew right in front of me. "Oooh. Pretty." I tried to catch it but it flew just out of reach. I frowned and tried again, missing again.

"You're really trying to catch a firefly?" Caleb chuckled.

"Yes but it won't let me." I pouted child-ishly.

"Why not try another one?"he suggested.

"No. I wanna catch this one." It started flying more down the path and I followed it, trying to catch it at various intervals, Annabell and Caleb following me. It continued to get darker, the moonlight not getting past the leaves at this part.

"Really now, Kyra, I think we should go back." Caleb suggested again.

"Lemme just get this one and I will. I promise." The dang little firefly flew forward a little faster and I continued to follow, stumbling every now and then. "Almost." I said after about ten minutes. "One last ti-ahh!" I screamed as I fell. I could hear Annabell screaming and Caleb yelling as they fell after me. The only problem was...

We didn't stop falling.

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