Uncertain Part 1 :D

October 9, 2010
She stood in the locker room, braiding her hair back. Looking at herself, she came face to face with the girl who...........well, she didn't know. She smiled a little and walked out into the gym.

20 minutes later, she stood on the race track. Her best friend Erica jumped up and down next to her. "ready to go?" she asked, shaking her arms. She nodded. They were the two fastest runners in the class, clocking sometimes 30 seconds in 1 lap. The teacher sounded the gun, and they were off.

Almost to the finish line, she began to sprint. Suddenly she felt her feet give way. She landed face first on the track. Tasting blood, she rolled over, and looked up into the face of the boy who had broken her heart.

He smiled down at her, holding out his hand. "Are you ok?" he asked, reaching to grab her hand. She slapped his hand away, then stood up, spitting out a mouthful of blood. "I don't need help from trash." she said.

He looked shocked. "What did i do?" he asked. She glared at him through her swollen eye. "You know what you did. Pulling away when i was about to hug you?" she said, spitting out more blood. "I thought you were different than that, but i guess not."

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