This Moment

“Cherish, please!”
“Luke, I’m sorry; I can’t!”
“Please, just one more chance. I promise I won’t betray your trust this time.”
“That’s what you promised me last time.” Her voice is low – soft and anguished.
“I mean it! I won’t!” He’s earnest. He clutches the phone in desperation.
“I can’t. Luke, I gave you a second chance.”
Then, please, Cherish, give me one more.”
“Do you think this doesn’t hurt me as much as it does you? Do you think it doesn’t tear me apart inside to say, ‘It’s over’?” She cringes just saying those words. New tears well up and cascade down her cheeks.
“It doesn’t have to be over. We can make it work. I can change,” he whispers.
“Luke, I could never trust you again. I gave you everything I could. And you threw it all away.”
“Cherish, no. I still treasure it deeply. I know how hard it was for you to share with me like that. I know how much effort it took. Your words, your thoughts, your emotions – YOU are still precious to me.” He means every word he says, but he knows it won’t make the impact he wants it to.
“Apparently I’m not precious enough.”
“Cherish, I love you! I love you more than I have ever loved anyone.” He knows he’s losing her; she’s slipping out of his grasp.
“Then why did you do it? Why did you betray me?” Her voice reveals the agony in her heart. She can’t understand how he could destroy what they had.
“It was lust; it was desire; it was wrong. I gave way; I made a mistake. ” He grits his teeth; he knows it’s a lame and worthless excuse.
“But you made the same mistake twice, Luke. And that is one time too many.” She shuts her eyes; she can’t believe she is actually saying this.
“Can you not forgive me again?”
“I can forgive you. But I cannot love you.”
“Cherish, you learned to love me again last time. I know it took time; I know I had to earn your trust back again. But who’s to say we can’t do it again?” He’s ever hopeful. If only he can convince her to try one more time; if only she’ll give him another chance.
“Luke, I cannot love you like that again.”
“Cherish, you don’t know that. You haven’t tried.”
“Luke, I can’t even try.”
He pauses in confusion. “What do you mean?”
“Don’t you understand? It isn’t that I don’t want to love you, it’s that I CAN’T. You have broken my trust too many times. I could never love you like you would deserve to be loved. I could never live with you without doubting your loyalty. Oh Luke, it hurts me to say this, too, but I know that it has to be.” She clenches her eyes tight as the pain in her heart nearly overwhelms her.
“Does it?” His voice is very low. He knows the answer already.
“Yes, it does. It can’t be any other way.”
“So…you’re telling me that this is it.”
“Yes, Luke. Our courtship is over.” She almost gasps for breath as those final words spill out. The tears flowing down her cheeks refuse to let up.
He swallows hard. He doesn’t know what to say. He has no further argument; all he can do is concede. “All right.”
There’s another pause. She knows that this is the end. “Good-bye, Luke.”
He had never thought that their relationship would end. But this was the final moment. And these would be his last words to her. “Good-bye, Cherish.”

Two shattered hearts upon the ground,
Rasping breaths the only sound,
She hangs the phone upon its rest,
He feels a fire pierce his chest.

Diamond tears fall down their cheeks,
They haven’t hurt this much in weeks,
He regrets the line he crossed,
She considers all she’s lost.

Two souls a hundred miles apart,
Can hardly bear their breaking hearts.
She falls to her knees upon the floor,
He sags against his closet door.

Both sob prayers in a mournful tone,
Crying out to God alone.
He begs forgiveness for his sin,
She pleads He’ll heal her heart again.

They whisper pleas throughout the night,
Alone without a single light.
She knows she can’t go on like this,
He’s found a sin he can’t dismiss.

Two shattered hearts upon the ground,
The hope they seek, in Christ is found.
At the cross he will find grace,
She finds true love in His embrace.

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Healing_Angel This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Oct. 10, 2010 at 2:12 am
Nice job. Well written. Keep writing.
Robsessed replied...
Oct. 17, 2010 at 10:25 pm
good job. i liked how you did a dialogue and a poem - creative.
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