Please Stay

September 8, 2010
By Anonymous

It was a dark, wet night. Rain was pouring from the sky as if angels were squeezing the clouds so hard that tears were falling down constantly – just like mine. The only difference was that I wept in silence, whereas each drop of rain hitting the ground could clearly be heard. The sky was dreary, and filled with grey clouds as it continued to pour. Not a single star had risen in the night sky.

I walked outside – without a hood or an overcoat – in my blue, silk dress. My hair was loose and drenched, and my face was tear-stained. I bowed my head down and took a seat on a near-by bench.

Just then, I noticed a figure walking towards me. At first, I didn’t recognize who it was, but the closer he approached, the surer I became that it was truly him. I could tell from his walk. I knew from his posture, and could identify the shadow and position of each hair on his head. It was him. It was really, truly him.

I stood up, watching as his pace got faster, and the moment he passed by the lamp-post, letting the light shine onto him, I started to run. I ignored the rain, still pouring like someone had flipped the ocean around. I couldn’t see anything but his face; I couldn’t focus on anything but his eyes staring into mine as we neared each other.

I was so close to him that I could no longer wait – I ran as fast as my legs would allow. My dress stuck to me like glue, and my drenched hair swayed around, whipping my face, but I still ran, until I was finally so close that I ran into his arms. I wouldn’t let him go – not again.

I put my arms around his neck, holding onto him as if my life depended on it. He held me even tighter, and I lost my balance. We both fell onto the wet grass. It should’ve hurt, but I’d never felt happier in my life. He pushed back a lock of my hair behind my ear, and kissed my forehead.

I smiled, but couldn’t stop a tear from rolling down my cheek. “I’m so sorry.” I said. “I didn’t know…and then when you left…” I had no words to describe how I felt, and I stuttered.

He put his finger on my lip for a moment. Then, he slid it to the left side of my face, tracing my cheekbone, and leaned in to kiss me. The second his lips touched mine, my heart took flight, beating faster and faster. I knew everything was forgiven, and I was so blessed to have him in my life. He released my lips only to take my hand in his, and raise it so that he could kiss it, followed by each of my fingertips.

“I love you.” He said. “No matter what, I will always love you - even if you tell me to go away. If that’s what you want, I’ll do it for you, but I’ll still think of you every night before bed, and my first thought every morning when I wake up will be of you.” He squeezed my hand, and then finished his thought “And when I fall asleep at night, I’ll be dreaming of you.” He looked into my eyes. “You have turned my whole world around. You’re the only one that’s constantly on my mind, and that will never change.”

More tears escaped, but this time, they were tears of joy. “I don’t want you to leave; not now, not ever. I was wrong – I was stupid. I don’t deserve you, but somehow, I have you. Just please promise that you’ll never leave my side.” I pleaded.
He kissed me once more, sealing our fate.

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