Fireflies-chapter 2

July 14, 2010
By wolfwriter GOLD, Middletown, Connecticut
wolfwriter GOLD, Middletown, Connecticut
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"Great." I huffed, flopping on my bed. "School."

Chapter 2: Blech. School.

I had gone to only one school district since I had stayed in the orphange. A new school following a new house just caused my stomach to twist into knots.

I looked down at my schedule and then at the door. I walked in and chose a seat in the back as other juniors walked into the homeroom. The old-bat for a teacher acknowledged me with a nod, realizing I was the new name on her attendance list, and went back to whatever.

I turned on my i-pod and pulled out my book. What can I say? J.R Ward is awesome. Doesn't mean I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings. I knew there was a group of 'popular' girls in the front corner, some band geeks nearer the door, and two goths in the back near me. I was here for five seconds and I already knew the social class division in one class period. Amazing.

A look at the clock told me five minutes until the late bell and the official start of school. I went back to my book, drowning out the noises. That is, until the pop-girls started giggling.

I looked up from my book for a second and I was glad I did. Another guy had come into the homeroom, panting as if he had been running. He must have thought he was going to be late.

I took in his features as he walked to the teacher's desk. He couldn't have been older than me, probably 16 or 17. His wide silver eyes stared straight ahead, creasing as his soft-looking lips were pulled into a smile. His pitch black hair was pulled back into a thick braid that went to about the middle of his back.

His clothes seemed to fit him perfectly. He wore blue Timberland boots, slightly loose jeans, and a loose brown shirt that blended with his brown skin tone.

'Definitely Native American.' I thought. But God, he moved with such grace that it was like watching the Alpha wolf walk in front of his pack. His body language was that confident, and he was only walking!

'I have got to talk to this guy.'

-study hall, period 3-

Once again I sat in the back. Science had been horrifying. The teacher had me introduce myself in front of the class and she kept calling on me for answers. Fortuantely, my homeroom teacher was my history teacher so she left me alone. I was glad that the guy had the same classes, so far, as me. There was still fourth period and tomorrow's classes though. However, I was not glad that a group of popular girls were almost constantly surrounding him or watching his every move. Any girl I've seen approach him has gotten a major group death glare and ran off before he could say anything. I don't think he liked it either.

'Come on Kyra.' I thought to myself. 'You can do it. They're just a bunch a skinny twigs that can't hurt you.' I stood up and walked to the seat next to him. It had remained vacant thanks to the queen bees. "Um.....hello." I mumbled. He looked up from his book.

"Hello." he replied.

" you mind if I sit here?"

He shook his head. "Not at all." I sat down. "Hey, you're the new girl aren't you?"

I nodded. "My name's Kyra. Um..Kyra Firestarter."

He raised an eyebrow, a smile smirk pulling up the right side of his lips. "That's an interesting last name." He gave a short chuckle. " 'Course I shouldn't talk. My name is Caleb Silverwater. Guess our parents both have a taste for unique last names."

I ducked my head. "More like had."

When I looked up he looked surprised. "You're right. Sorry, it's the same for me." he apologized. "So, how are you liking your first day so far?" he changed the subject.

"Nothing exciting has happened yet and no one's even tried to talk to me." I admitted. He was talking to me, as in an actual conversation. Yes!

"I'm guessing Ashley sent out the message about staying away from you." he frowned.

"Ashley?" I asked.

"The blond queen of the queen bees who follow me and are sending death glares right now." he explained.

I looked over my shoulder. "They're all blonds." I pointed out.

"Ok." he chuckled, rolling his eyes. "She's the natural blond, not the bottle blonds with the roots." I looked again. Oh yeah. She was definitely the queen. Her blue eyes had me cringing but I held my ground. She wasn't gonna scare me away from this guy.

"So what message would she sent out about me? She doesn't know me." I said.

"Doesn't matter. She would've told everyone to stay away from you or face social rejection."

"People really care about social structure here, don't they?" I huffed.

He laughed. Hmm, I like his laugh. "You got that right!" He frowned again. "Which makes me think, you better watch your back for just sitting next to me."

"I'll keep that in mind." I smiled which made him smile.


I walked down the empty hallway, heading to the cafeteria. 'Course I was kinda lost. I looked down at my school map paper and the next thing I knew, I was yanked into the girls' bathroom I was passing. "What the-!" I exclaimed.

"Shut up, listen, and you'll leave unharmed." the natural blond, Ashley, snipped.

"T-this is about Caleb isn't it?" I inwardly cursed myself for stuttering.

"Exactly. He's mine and you're gonna stay away from him." she ordered, her manicured, dragon-red nails tapping against my chest. "Got it?"

"No." I glared.

"Excuse me?" she glared back, her voice lowering.

"You heard me. I don't care what you do, I'm gonna talk to him if I want. Heck, if he liked me I would date him." I shrugged. "Now if you'll excuse me, your highness, I'm hungry."

I walked away, the door swinging closed. Her voice echoed down the hall behind me. "You won't get away with this! You will be punished!"

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