June 26, 2010
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"Welcome to your new home!" the woman exclaimed, waving her arms dramatically. I set down my small suitcase and looked at the large house. Actually, it was a mansion with white ivy-covered walls and large windows looking into larger rooms. On one side of the house there was a castle-like tower with windows that allowed a view to the long driveway and to the forest surrounding the house.

"Can I have that room?" I asked, pointing to it.

"Sure. Why not?" the man chuckled. He picked up my suitcase and headed for the porch. "Why don't you meet the other kids and then we can get you settled in." Great.

The woman ushered me along the gravel walkway and up the steps. As soon as I walked into the house I knew it could very well be my sanctuary. "Kids! Come on down!" Dang that woman could yell. I tensed as I heard what could only be described as my impending doom. I opened my eyes, not knowing I had closed them, and saw four different kids standing in front of me.

Two of them looked a lot alike but there were differences. They looked about 17, a year older than me, and they were definitely taller than me. They both had dirty blond hair. One had his bangs in his face and it was short. His eyes were green but they seemed kinda icy. His skin was tanned and there was no acne. He was wearing a plain loose white t-shirt and jeans.

The look-alike's hair was more messy, like he had just gotten out of bed. His green eyes were more of a jade color and they seemed to be softer than the other's. He also had tan smooth skin. He wore jeans, a blue shirt, and a baggy black sweatshirt.

Another boy stood next to them. He seemed to be about 15. He was more lanky while the other two were more muscular. His brown hair was payered and reached to about his chin while his bangs were just under his eyes and over it was a hat like you see skateboarders wear. (Those knit-hat thingy-ma-jigs.) His eyes were also brown but they seemed to have green-ish shards in them. His skin was pale-sih and there was some acne here and there. He wore baggy jeans and a loose black t-shirt.

The last one really caught my eyes. It was a small girl. She looked about 6 years old but she was realy......small and thin. Her dirty blond hair was in two braids and they went to her shoulder blades. A few loose pieces framed her face making her big, scared-looking, pale blue eyes even bigger. She was wearing a long white skirt and a tucked-in light blue t-shirt so it looked like she was wearing a sort of Japanese kimono.In her arms was a teddy bear that looked like she'd had it for a while. I also noticed she was partially hiding behind the guy with the black sweatshirt.

"Okay, guys. This is Kyra. Kyra, these are the other kids. The first one is James and his twin brother is Tony. The other boy is Derek and the little girl is Annabell." the woman explained. "You can call me Mary or Mrs. Autumn and my husband is Dave or Mr. Autumn. Okay?" She smiled.

"Yes, ma'am." I replied, nodding.

"Now let's get you settle in." She started shoving me to the staircase and the four kids scattered. The twins went to the kitchen, Derek went to the living room, and Annabell followed us. We climbed to the top of the stairs until we came to an old wooden door. Annabell went into one just like it that was next to it. "Her bedroom is right below yours in the tower." Mrs. Autumn explained. I nodded once and she opened the door. A stone staircase spiraled out of view.

"It's like from a castle." I mumbled.

"It's a very old house so the person who built the house was probably from around those times." She started back down the stairs.

"But America wasn't discovered until-"

"Dinner's at 5!" she interrupted, calling over her shoulder before disappearing around the corner.

"Ooooookay then." I thought.

I closed the door behind me and started climbing the stairs. I opened the second wood door and immediately fell in love with the room. It was a HUGE circular room with plenty of space. The wood floor was a dark brown, like forest floor dirt.The walls were painted a dark-ish greena dn painted all over the place was a 'rain forest'. The large bed looked like it was made of branches and a painted stream ran underneath it and 'around' the dresser. The dresser looked like a tree trunk with seashell knobs. A floor to ceiling window gave me a view of the whole long driveway and looked over the woods/forest around and behind the house. Straight across from the window was a full length mirror with a closet next to it.

I gave a slight squeal as I flopped onto the bed. "I love this room." I smiled.


"So Kyra, what's your favorite food?" Mr. Autumn asked, nibbling on the shepard's pie we were eating for dinner.

"Um....Any kind of meat I guess." I mumbled, already taking my third helping while the other's were finishing their first.

"What's your favorite subject in school?" Mrs. Autumn tried.

"Gym." I smirked. I loved letting my energy out during p.e.

"What kind of animal do you like?" she asked again.

"Hawks and...wolves."

"You sure act like a wolf." James mumbled for only me to hear. I pulled back my lips and growled. I had my teeth sharpened last year so it was like I had the teeth of a dog, or a wolf, which was the point. "Holy s***!" he cursed as he jumped. Uh-oh, he saw my scar!

I moved my hair back into my face and stood up, "May I be excused?" I asked swiftly.

"Sure, go ahead." Mr. Autumn blinked. I rushed out of the large dining room and up the stairs. I closed the doors behind me and flopped on my bed again, breathing heavily. I sat up and walked over to the full-length mirror, taking in my appearance.

I was kinda short compared to other people my age. I had a flat, muscled stomach that led down to wide hips and a big butt. Further down were strong muscled legs. I went back to my stomach and went up to a very large chest. My arms were long but strong. My black hair fell straight to my waist, the fire-red pieces easily standing out. My big eyes were also a type of red. They were a sort of auburn color but when I got really mad, they turned fire-red. I pushed my hair out of my face and my eyes locked onto the left side of my face. Starting at my cheek, a thick scar scrawled up toward my eyes, thinning and branching like a tree. It's what James had seen and part of why he had jumped.

I sighed.

Knock Knock!

I jumped and quickly re-covered that side of my face. "Who is it?"

"I-it's Annabell." a quiet voice replied.

"Uh, come in." The door opened and the small girl slipped through, a small plate and a cup in her hand. "What 'cha got there?" I asked gently.

"M-mary sent me to give you dessert." she explained, holding the plate out. I looked and nearly drooled. Right before me was a pile of my two favorite cookies, peanut butter and sugar. I devoured the whole thing and quickly downed the glass of milk she held out.

"Thanks." I smiled, laying on the bed, letting out a content sigh. "That was a good dessert." She gave a small giggle and I looked up at her. "What's so funny?" She immediately shut up and looked scared.

"N-nothing....I-it's just that you do act like a w-wolf." she mumbled, shufling nervously.

"What's the matter? If you wanna say something just say it." I said gently.

"Um.....w-well I-i wanted to know w-why you hide p-part of your face?" Annabell asked.

"So that I don't scare people." I partially answered.

"I-i bet you can't scare me."

"And why's that?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

" 'Cuz I've s-seen scary thing." I observed her for a second as she fidgeted with her tedy bear.

"Just don't freak, okay?" I sighed as I closed my eyes and pushed my hair away. I heard her gasp and could almost imagine how scared she looked. I jumped and opened my eyes as I felt a brush along the scar. Annabell stood right in front of me.

"I-it looks like a tree." she mumbled, her fingertips brushing along the ends again. "H-how'd you get it?"

"Car accident." I answered hastily, recovering it and turning away.

"Oh." she sighed softly. "Oh! Um...M-mary wanted me t-to tell you that y-you have school tomorrow s-so don't stay up too late." she stuttered before walking out of the room.

"Great." I huffed, flopping on my bed. "School."

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NKsunshine said...
Dec. 24, 2011 at 2:08 pm
kcbaro123 said...
Apr. 12, 2011 at 3:18 pm
amazing! please write a book!
shannannonnn said...
Feb. 2, 2011 at 7:30 am
WOW. I feel like it can't end there though
wolfwriter replied...
Feb. 3, 2011 at 1:10 pm
Don't worry. There's more. :) Thanks for commenting!
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