Waiting For You

June 17, 2010
By HLFelix GOLD, Teaneck, New Jersey
HLFelix GOLD, Teaneck, New Jersey
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The sun beams down on me as I hunch over my chemistry textbook. I hear the chirp of birds and the city bustling about me. I take a breath, and breathe in the scent of summer – that hot, fresh scent, tinged with newly bloomed flowers and grass.

I sit in my shorts and tank top, on the fire escape of my family’s apartment, overlooking my busy New York City street, pretending to study for my chemistry final. I couldn’t study in my room – it was too stuffy and cramped in there. And I couldn’t manage to study out here – summer and freedom beckoned so sweetly.

I guess I am destined to fail my test and I lean my head against the rails and look about me, at everything except my textbook.
I look down the flight of stairs, in front of me, that lead to the fire escape belonging to the apartment below us. I look back up and across to the flight of stairs leading up to the one above me. The windows that I climb out of to get here are deeply inset into the walls of the building. These windows lead into the hallway right outside of my room, so I am able to come out here a lot when I want fresh air.

I sigh once more and turn my head and gaze out across the street. The building is the same as the one I live in – red brick, tall, and old. I glance down at the street a moment and freeze.

A boy, about my age I would guess, is gazing up at me. He has dark brown hair and green eyes. His skin is tan, I would guess from being outside so much. He appears to be tall, as far as I can see, and he is wearing a t-shirt, his muscular arms shown to perfection. He looks up at me, as if mesmerized.

Careful not to send my textbook down the flight of stairs, I stand up and lean over the railing to get a better look. The boy catches my eye and smiles, a sweet, white smile. I can’t help feel like I should smile back and I do, giving him my own soft smile.

We stood there gazing at each other, for I have no clue how long. It felt so…right. So perfect.

It seems like only seconds later, though I think it is longer, that his friends call to him, asking him to hurry up. He calls back in a deep, rich voice that he’s coming. He looks back up at me and starts to walk towards his friends. Only when it is impossible for him to continue walking like that does he turn around and walk normally.

I stood there staring after him for a while longer; then I pick up my chemistry book and clamber through the window and back to my room, shutting the door behind me.


The sun is just beginning to set as I clamber back out onto the fire escape. It is getting a bit chilly so I wear a sweater, the zipper unzipped. I place my hands on the railing and look down at the street waiting for him.

I know he will come back. I know that he will, just as I know the sun will rise tomorrow and I will fail my chemistry final.

After I had gone to my room, I had tried to study, but only thoughts that could take hold were thoughts of him. It had all been so amazingly, wonderfully perfect, just to look at him.

I don’t even know his name. I don't need to.

And now I stand here on my fire escape again, waiting for him to return. Waiting for everything to be perfect again.

Suddenly, I hear the footsteps come down the stairs right above me and down to my fire escape, and stop. I look over, out of the corner of my eye.

It’s him. He is dressed as he was earlier. One of his hands grips the railing the stairs leading up. There is a look in his green eyes, telling me, that if I tell him to, he would leave me. He is waiting for me to give the okay, as he is making the gesture by being here.

I turn my head to him and ask, “What took you so long?” I walk towards him, until I stand but a half-foot away from him and look up at his face. I grasp the railing of the fire escape to steady myself. “I’ve been waiting.”

He smiles solemnly and sighs, “I know.”

The author's comments:
What could be the beginning of my very own balcony scene.

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This was fabulous, very well-described and excellently written.  Wonderful job.  Keep writing!

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