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Chapter 1: Master Nazki

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Its cold and dark outside and I'm very hngry and I don't have no where to go. both of my parents are dead! i'am in the alley seting on the ground its wet and nasty and i very scared; a men around thirty tried to talke me with hime but I kicked him where it realy hurts, and run off as fast as I as could. Then i bumped into a guy around thirty-two he had long silky blcak haor with sexy brown eyes he had a swod on him. i was really scared and I said, "sorry Sit I got to run!" I tried to run form him but he grabbed be the hand. I said, "please sir you must let me go there is a guy after me! he is tring to killme! LET ME GO" Then the guy said why I cna help you!' Then the other guy cam up towards us and said, "Give me the girl!" then second guy said, "you want her that bad will here you go. Then I said, "please sir don't let him do this to me he is tgoing to kill me!" first guy said, "shut up stupied girl" The second guy run off to finshies his busssiness. first guy said,"HA HAthere is no one to save you now!" I backed up to the wall and I begged hm not to hurt me, but he did not care he grabbed my armys and i fight back. HE pushes me to the ground he is now tieing my hands behind me then.]... He got out his pucket knofe and was abot to cut me to my death but the guy i bumped into came back and sliced his head off he picked me up and put me over his shoulders. then i said, "please I begg you please dont hurt me Please!" I felt tears coming gown my check. Then he said, "what is your name young one?"I said, "my name is.... is.... Lilly....' He said, "my name is master Nazki i'am taking you the west side of japen to the palaces." then lilly said, "why I'm a nobody i'm an orphine, I'm dirty and wet and very hungry please your not ging to hurt me!" Master Nazki said,"NO! I'm not like that dirty bag back there. I was sworn to portect anybody that is to become harmed of into trouble! I will train you to become a might Naji Warrior like myself I think you would enjoy it Lilly!"

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