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Chapter 2 - part two

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Eventually, after about three hours of reading, Olivia drifted to sleep before she even knew she was tired.

She slumbered peacefully on the couch for a good hour and a half, woken only when her stomach began sending her irritated messages. She looked at the clock, and, realizing that it was nearly two in the afternoon, was surprised at how much time she had wasted.

Throwing a plate of last night’s chicken cordon bleu in the microwave, Olivia went to check her phone messages, knowing it was entirely possible that her deep sleeping tendencies could have caused her to miss a couple of calls.

But when she got to her voicemail, she only had one message.

It was from Cameron.

“Hey Liv,” came the soft, masculine voice, carrying the nearly monotone quality that one has when emotion is so strong that the voice simply cannot express it. “I know this is the second time I have called in two days, but I have finally come to the breaking point. I have been calling you for five months. I know you have been avoiding me, but I haven’t given up yet in the hopes that you would eventually come around. But I’m tired of leaving you message after message with no reply. So please, Olivia, call me back just this once. I need to know what your plans are. You know, for us.” Cameron sighed heavily, and the pleading was clear in his voice. “So... that’s it, I guess. Call me. Bye.”

Olivia deleted the message, and then leaned against the wall, closing her eyes. She knew that the opportunity to finally set Cameron straight was screaming at her, but she was still greatly inclined to ignore it.

Her conscience soon got ahold of her, however, and she realized that the sooner she put an end to this, the sooner she would be freed from his constantly badgering phone calls.

This rationalization motivated her, however reluctantly she accepted it. Olivia picked up the phone, took a bite of her cordon bleu, and punched in Cameron’s number with perhaps more force than was entirely necessary.

The sound of the dial tone sent her heart into overdrive. Half of her wanted him to pick up, but the other half was silently begging him not to.

She felt like a breathless sixth-grader calling her crush for the very first time, but the irony of this wasn’t enough to penetrate her nerves.

As the phone continued to ring, she almost started to believe that he wouldn’t pick up. This possibility gave her hope, and yet disappointed her as well because she knew that she would have to try again later, instead of just getting it over with now.

But after a few more anxious moments, the ringing stopped and a “Hello?” came from the other end of the line.

“Hi Cameron, it’s Olivia.” she said, though she hadn’t quite snapped out of her panic attack just yet.

“Liv,” breathed Cameron, though if it was with shock or relief, it was impossible to tell.

When Olivia said nothing, Cameron continued speaking.

“Well, I suppose you got my message, then, and you know why I wanted you to call me. What is your plan for us?”

“Cameron, I broke up with you.”

He scoffed quietly. “Hardly. You left without saying a word.”

“I called you. We talked about it, if you might recall.”

“Saying ‘it’s over’ and then hanging up is not talking about it, Olivia.” Cameron’s voice was growing noticeably agitated, and Olivia soon found it difficult to control her tone as well.

“I definitely said more than that! But maybe you were too busy playing the victim to notice.”

“I was the victim!”

“Hardly. You were just as much the villain in this as I was.”

“You gave me no warning!”

“I sure did! You made my life miserable and I thought that was clear enough to you!”

When Cameron went silent, Olivia realized that she had been shouting.

“I’m sorry,” she said quietly, “I didn’t want to fight with you.”

Cameron didn’t say anything for a few moments, and when he did, it was in a barely audible whisper.

“You know, if you had just said something, I would have given you more space in a heartbeat.”

“It wasn’t just that,” Olivia said, nearly matching Cameron’s quiet tone, “it was... everything. It just really wasn’t working out for me.”

“Why have you been ignoring me?”

“I was keeping my distance. I’m sorry.”

Cameron was silent again for a moment, and then said softly, “I still love you, you know. I always will. And if you ever decide that you want to come back, please––”

“I’m not coming back.” Olivia cut him off gently.

“I see.”


“Are you seeing anyone?”



There was almost a note of relief in his voice. Olivia asked him hesitantly if he was upset.

“Oh no, not at all,” he replied quickly, “look, I know it’s selfish, but honestly, I would rather see you stay single than see you in another relationship.”

Olivia was silent. Not surprised... just silent.

“Are you okay with that?”

“Yeah,” was all she could think to say.

“Okay. Well... I’m glad we talked.”

“Me too.”

“I should probably get going, then.”

“Okay. Yeah. I’ll talk to you later,” Olivia said, more as a habit than an actual hope that she would talk to him again in the near future.


Olivia put down the phone and finished off her chicken with one last, large, sorrowful bite.

She hadn’t meant to hurt him – not in that conversation, or ever, for that matter.

He had just turned out to be the wrong person for her, and she had removed herself from the relationship as quickly as possible. She hadn’t meant to be harsh, and it hurt her to know that he had taken it that way when she left.

She wasn’t heartless – just very good at taking care of herself.

Depositing her plate in the kitchen sink, Olivia grabbed her constantly growing shopping list off the counter, threw on her coat and walked out the door into the frigid winter.

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