You Make It Easy

April 27, 2018
By Mostgirls13 BRONZE, Sumter, South Carolina
Mostgirls13 BRONZE, Sumter, South Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"what ever you do in life, let others go ahead of you."

"you make it easy!"

"Loving up on you!" I sing back. Jason Aldean is on of my most favorite country artist. He always had so much talent I thought. I would always try to sing, but it comes out to a goat screaming like off of youtube or something. When i'm by myself, I sing so much better. But when I tell others I can sing, they roll their eyes and say "Well, ya'll since she thinks she can sing. Sing in front of everyone then!" I shiver in fear. And I cry cowardly towards the bleachers walking away. My friends try to get me to move on and "woman up" like I can walk up to the step team and yell back "I can to sing! don't tell me otherwise." No I cant necessarily do that, i'm that type of person that when in trouble just shrink into my own little hole and just wait for it to be over and done with. While others straighten up, and face it. I'm way to shy, but I always have some way to come back and argue with peole. I'm a smart alec, if people want to go there they get it. But now and days do that it's a fight you cant get out of. But that has passed and i'm still shy but not afraid at all to talk back (I still keep my distance though) I can now walk the the gym to my class not being made fun of but popular because of some silly rumor. Of course I don't like it at all but dramma is dramma and i'm me. I get jealous most often then I should. When I was submitting my work to teen ink, i got so many views, and when my friend Gracelyn submitted hers I got so jealous. But I soon got to the point where I need to act my age and not worry about her and worry about myself. And a week and a half later my friend Zoe submitted hers i got mad. she Would brag so much that she got a view and i have over 62 views. I was in the middle of sharing an article i made on Teen ink, she rudely interupted me and said "your great and all but what about other people that have things to say?" I made a face and told her this: "well can you please wait until i'm finished, we always have to listen to your screaming and meowing like your a cat." I was kinda the alpha dog in the class, when it comes to that. Nobody should really do that to me, I would snap back at them and get the wrong idea without thinking at all. I wasn't a thinker, i was a doer. No matter what it came to, i was there. Since drama is my favorite thing now. I always have eyes on the liars,cheaters and also the wrong doers. Because I don't like it when people hide things from me, get me all worked up and mad and then tell me. I'm Like "WTF?!? you should have told me sooner than now, because now I don't ever want to talk to you!" all because of one lie, but that can turn into a whole lot of other lies that lead to one truth which can be devastating to the person that's hiding it. I once had a crush but when my friend got him, my best friend got my crush. And when they rubbed it in my face I had enough."Look, your relationship bothers me enough but please don't run it in my face to where my fists can range to me to your face." (that last part was in my head). "hey whats wrong with me dating my num nums?" I was about to barf. Now Nicknames? C'mon people! we're in the 7th grade and your already doing that! ewww. I took a deep breathe and finally let the negative energy out. "Well you knew I had a crush on him!, you dare decide to date him and don't even like him just to get to me! how rude are you!" my eyes were so red. I was about to fist range her face. My face was full of anger ready to burst like  a ticking time bomb."Lauren please, don't get mad over this!" "to late you just lost a friend." Jason, was so surprised. His faced relaxed slowly turning blue. He was shocked about the truth I told, I ran outside crying, I slumped back on the wall letting my mascara run down my face like a waterfall. I took it all off with a wet paper towel. As I sincked into my jaket hiding my hands in my sleeves, I heard the door open. I couldn't bare looking over because the real me was shown and I was to embarrassed to even show my face. I smelt the fresh scent of mens cologne, I looked up shivering. it was jason's twin brother Grayson. The only difference was Grayson never did or said anything to hurt me. He sweetly pulled me up, giving me a hug I could never forget. "Hey, it's gonna be okay Lauren" his sweet voice circled in my head like a small leaf storm. We looked at each other for a while, he slowly leaned forward. I guess for a kiss. And kissed me on the lips, my face lit up like the stars at night. "Thanks Grayson" I said hugging back "your welcome..." he hesitated for a second then gave a smirk. "Baby girl" as he finished his sentence. "Hey!, I thought you weren't suppose to call me that" I said sarcastically. We held hand the rest of the day. But in the afternoon, he asked me: "can I walk you home?" "what about your brother?" I didn't want to ruin the bro time they have on the way home. He looked back and turned to me, "screw him, I saw what he did. I rather walk with you home, so can I?" I smiled with relief "yes you can" As we walked to my house I got to feel how warm his hand felt intertwined with mine, so soft and welcoming. And now I finally was happy.

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