Last Wish

April 22, 2018
By Camille_Kraus GOLD, Opelika, Alabama
Camille_Kraus GOLD, Opelika, Alabama
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“Beep beep beep,” the alarm clock blares as I slowly open my left eye, look around, and open my right eye. I struggle to stand up as I limp over to my owner, Jaromír. In the morning, my paws and legs hurt. I feel much better after “med time.” Jaromír is just starting to wake up by the time I get up onto the bed. He hasn’t been acting the same lately. Our walks are shorter and he doesn’t play with me as much. “Who’s my good girl,” he asks as he reaches for his glasses. He picks me up and puts me on the floor as we go get breakfast.

After we eat, it is my favorite part of the day, “med time.” Jaromír gives me a spoonful of my favorite food, peanut butter. After I eat the peanut butter, my legs feel better. I wish the medicine made Jaromír feel better. As he drinks the glass of water, he begins to cry. I jump up to try to comfort him, but to no avail. He ignores me and goes to lie down in his room. I enjoy lying on the end of the bed to protect him, but as I’m about to enter, he closes the door.
“Oh,” I think, “I guess he wants me to guard the door instead.”

As I lay in front of the door, the daily papers hit me. Every day, when the papers come though the door, Jaromír quickly searches through them. He never seems to be able to find what he is looking for. I bark a few times to let him know that they have come. After a few minutes, I realize that he is not coming. He never wants to get out of bed. He doesn’t go to his job anymore either. I start to stand up to bring him the papers when I feel a sharp pain in my front legs, and I collapse onto the floor. I let out a quiet whimper asking Jaromír for help standing up. I lay in anguish until I decide to try again. I attempt to try again, but fall. This time, I fall on my leg and yelp loudly. Thankfully, Jaromír hears me and comes to my rescue. “My poor little Angel,” he lovingly says as he picks me up, “let me help you with that.”

He carefully sets me onto the couch and turns on the TV. As he reaches for the remote, I notice that his arm is bleeding. Like me, he must have fallen.

The next day as Jaromír looks through the mail, I bring him the leash in hopes that we can go for a walk. When I accidentally step on his foot, he lets out a yell. “I must have frightened him,” I think as I quickly back away. When Jaromír looks at me, I see something I have never seen before. A monster. He angrily throws the papers form the day at me. I run to hide behind the couch as he walks into his room. I don’t blame him. He didn’t mean to be mean. He was upset from not finding the thing in the papers, and I just happened to scare him. I notice a fallen photo of when we all went to the lake to go fishing. I miss when we would all go places together. As I start to stand, I slip on a piece of paper. It is Jaromír’s law degree. He hasn’t gone to work for a while. My legs ache. I’m not going to be around Jaromír much longer. I want to fix him. He has been sad since Leslie left in June. I just need to find him a new Leslie.


A few hours later, I wake up as I hear someone whisper outside the door.

“Tall Oak Apartments room 739, Boston. Yep, this is it,” the feminine voice says. I need to see this girl. She could be the new Leslie! I jump at the doorknob until I finally get it open. As I leap at the new girl, she drops all seven pieces of paper onto my head. Jaromír runs out to see what is going on.  He stares at the girl for a few seconds before looking at me.

“Hi,” he says with very little confidence, “I’m Jaromír.”

“Elise,” she says as she reaches down to pick up the paper. She hands them to Jaromír and smiles. She nervously looks around and hesitates before she begins to walk away.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” she says as she turns the corner.


The next morning, I wake up to “Hooked On A Feeling.” I have not heard music for a while. I hear a knock on the door, and Jaromír turns down “Money.” It is Elise. I can tell Jaromír is full of anxiety. I walk over to the door, and scrape my paw on it. “Come on Jaromír, this is your chance,” I think as I continue to scratch. He opens the door and asks if she wants to stay for lunch.


As he finishes setting the table, she looks at me the same way Leslie did. “I love dogs,” she says as she pets my head,” how old is she?”

“Angel is eleven years old,” he says as he tosses me a treat. He sets down the hamburgers as he takes his seat.

“Who’s a good girl,” she asks as she tosses me a pickle.

I hate pickles and inconsiderate people. Maybe I should not trust this girl. She might not be able to live up to my expectations. What if she doesn’t like him? What am I going to do? I will have to keep trying. There are lots of girls out there.


I look over at the two as they happily chat. Jaromír looks happier than he has looked in months. “It worked,” I thought, “he is finally happy. I wish I could be there when they go fishing, and when they take long road trips. I wish I could be there for “med time” every morning, and for the morning wake up call. Jaromír Is finally happy, and that is what matters. I walk over and jump in his lap. As I lick and sniff his face, he says, “I know girl, I love you too.” I jump down and limp to my bed.

After she leaves, I jump into the bed with Jaromír. I put my head on his chest, and as I release my final breath, I think, “Goodbye my friend.”

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