The League of Dragons

April 22, 2018
By Anonymous

I ran across the dirt, and clay ground, gripping my beanie as tightly as I could. Without it, I would lose all of my protection. Quickly I made a sharp turn, slid on my knees, and crawled under the playground stairs. The smell of dirt and mulch filled my nose as I tried to catch my breath, as quietly as I could. Ashley had no idea where I was, and she probably couldn’t even fit, if she tried. Especially when Saynois finally arrived. I waited impatiently for her until I realized the fourth-graders could have gotten a hold of her. If they did, it would be up to me to rescue her, but I couldn’t do it alone. Slowly, I crawled out of my hiding place under the dirt covered stairs. I looked back and forth making sure no fourth-graders were out there. Once I was in the open, my beanie and I would be exposed. My eyes darted back and forth, looking for Natalie, Kaleb, Anton, Jonathan, and Kylie. My best friends. My warrior, sorcerer, healer, flower, and interdimensional-monster! I was always the supervillain, and Saynois was the most important. The robot-maker-dude! Without her, we wouldn’t stand a chance against the League of Dragons!  They would help me find Saynois, no matter what it would take! Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Natalie pushing Anna on the swing. Anna and Josey were best friends, and would never help us. They were princesses. We were but peasants. As I ran to Natalie, I saw that she was in danger! Right behind her was the soccer field! Where the fourth-graders played soccer! With the firey-doom-dodge balls! “Natalie!” I called running to her. She turned around, her poofy twin-tails, bobbing up and down.
“Yes?” She asked. I slid to a stop right in front of her.
“Saynois is captured by Ashley and all the other League of Dragons!” I exclaimed between long breaths. “We need to find Anton, Kaleb, Jonathan, and Kylie!” Natalie looked unamused. “Natalie! Please help me- us! We need to save Saynois!” I grabbed Natalie by the wrist, and she shook me off.
“Charlie! Can’t you see I’m busy? I’m trying to push Josey on the swing!” Natalie said, but turned to me and whispered, “She said if I do I can be a knight! And Anna can kill a Dragon-Cat!” before swiftly turning back around and grabbing the chains of the swing, to push Joseie again. I looked at her. Natalie Vaughn. One of my best friends. Refusing to help one of her best friends. She would rather push some mean princess on the swing. I turned around and decided to look for Anthony.

I had walked all around the playground, and no signs of Anthony. I looked over to the fourth and fifth-grade side. The sun gleamed on the blue and yellow metal. The fifth-graders were usually peaceful until provoked, like Endermen, and most of them weren’t even in afterschool. I pushed my black beanie down farther on my head. It would need extra protection here. Over on the black-top, I could see Kara and Jonathan participating in Jump-Rope-for-Heart. They were not able to leave. They were the Cat Trainer and Sword-Maker-Dude. I glanced over at Jonathan and gave him a wink. He would come over after he was out of hops. I gathered all my courage and took a deep breath. But then I turned around. Kaleb and Kylie were coming over! Finally! Someone would help me! “Whatcha going into the Big-Kid playground for, Maddie?” Kylie asked skipping closer. She knew if one of us went over there, it would be a war-zone.“Kylie! I’m so glad you’re here! We need to go find Anthony! Saynois is in danger!” I exclaimed.

“What kind of danger?” Kylie asked looking over my shoulder.
“The worst kind!”
“What? Her hair is going to get messed up before we go back inside where Omar is?” She asked.
“Nu-uh! Those mean League of Dragons got her!”
“Uh-Oh! I don’t think we can get her back. Not from them! They are really good at throwing those fire-dodgeballs!” Kylie said and shivered even though it was hot outside. I quickly grabbed Kylie by the wrist and ‘we’ charged heroically into the Big-Kid-Playground. A doom-dodgeball whizzed past our heads. I spun around to see who had thrown the ball, but this time it was Kylie who grabbed my wrist. She yanked me down onto the red clay, and we crawled under slides, stairs, and the monkey bars. Kylie gasped. I looked over at her,
“What’s wrong?” I asked. I thought she had hurt herself crawling around, but she just pointed. At first, I didn’t see it, but then I noticed a grey form huddled under the second set of stairs that led up to a huge red slide. Saynois. Kylie and I crawled to her. I stopped her right in front of the stair. “I’ve got this,” I whispered. Slowly I crawled, looking for any dodgeballs traps. I was so close!

  My face stung. I had been hit by a big blue dodgeball. That meant water or ice. And here I thought blue was a color of peace! Apparently not. I had to keep going, despite the obvious fact that a mage was present. I trudged forward and to the huddled Saynois. Her hood was covering her face. “Saynoisie! What’s wrong? I’m here to save you!” I whispered to her.
She turned to look at me and lowered her hood. A sign of weakness for a rouge-robot-builder-dude. Her hair was tucked into the back of her jacket. “I don’t need saving. But thanks anyway.” She responded, monotonously.
“Are you okay?”
“Yep. How long do you plan on staying? And what happened to your face?” She asked.
“I’m here to get you, so let’s go!” I was avoiding her question.
“We can’t go anywhere until the whistle blows! The League of Dragons goes in first!”
“We can hurry!” I grabbed her arm and pulled her out and we ran. She was always a lot faster than me, and I struggled to keep up. As she ran, her jacket fell off, revealing her hair. Except it was never hidden. It had been cut. The hair she had never before cut, had been cut so short, you could see the back of her neck. She stopped running and I walked to her. “Saynois. Your hair is so short!” I exclaimed. I had never been the best with feelings. She started crying.
“What’s wrong? Did I do something?” I asked her. She ran inside. The whistle blew. I ran after her- Charlie!
I heard Natalie shouting my name from the Desert of Kindergarten. She was struggling to pull a trike from the sand! I ran over to her and grabbed the left-hand side of the vehicle. One of these babies would be precious in a time of war, like this. The only problem, Joshua was taking it to Mrs. Patty so it could be put away. It was time to go inside. Together, we jerked the tricycle from the sand. Some of the shiny red paint had rubbed off on the side of the sandbox, but Mrs. Patty would never notice. Besides, now we could remember which one was ours. Natalie and I handed the trike over and walked inside the left door, which led to the Cafeteria. A dangerous place in times like these. Once we got inside, the rest of our party was already at the Rogue Table, far from the Royal Table and the League of Dragons, who had an entire side for themselves. I ran and sat next to Saynois, who was catapulting a spoonful of beans at the seat of Kahlil Polly. Our arch-nemesis. “Saynois. Are you okay?” I asked her, despite the fact that her face was still slightly damp from crying a few minutes ago.

“Yeah. I’m ok. Catapulting beans near Kahlilel makes me feel better. He stepped on one a second ago. That’ll teach him to steal your homework.” She grinned at me and pushed her tray over. “Wanna try?” I shook my head. As fun as that sounded, I had a better idea.
I grabbed some of her ketchup and mustard packets and twisted them into tight, little bowties. “C’mon! I’ve got a plan” I grinned as she did the same as me, and we walked over to the Fourth Grade restroom. We dropped our Sauce Bombs on the floor of the restroom and ran out, back to the cafeteria. Once we got there, Charlie Rylon? Tell her, her ride is here. I heard over the walkie-talkie. I frowned and grabbed all of my things, fist-bumped Saynois, and ran to the office.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this piece by my friends, and my Ela class. One day, my teacher, told us to write a story about a time we lead our friends, or ourselves into danger. I wrote a similar story, based on personal experience, and was inspired to write this one!

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