January 17, 2018
By SofiaG. BRONZE, Berkeley, California
SofiaG. BRONZE, Berkeley, California
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I sit on the rooftop and stare down at the ground miles away. I see the city lights winking at me as if I am the moon and they are my stars. I tap the edge of the roof to the beat of my thumping heart. I fill my lungs with fresh air for the last time as I slip gracefully off the roof. I slip through the air like a pebble falling through water. As I descend closer and closer to the ground I feel the energy seeping out of my body as if I have tiny little holes covering my body. As I fall my mind races back to all of my memories. The thrill of graduating, the fright when I dropped down that huge rollercoaster, the happiness when I saw my first cat, the sadness when my second cat died, the anger I felt when I got punched, the pain I felt when I broke my knee, and lastly the rush of wind blowing around me as I fell from this roof. Still a mile away I turn and stare up at the black misty sky. I reach out and feel my hand close around something. I look around and see myself surrounded by animals and people. As I look closer I feel my heart pound in my chest like someone was trying to break out. I stare into the eyes of my family and they stare right back. I feel something climb up my back and I see my cats, dead and alive, running around me without a care in the world. I see all my old fish swim around me and my family circling me. I open my mouth to say something and everything slowly floats away. I flail my arms and try getting them to come back. I slowly give up and realize no matter what I can't get them back because they are already with me. Because those are memories and memories are the most important thing. One day you won’t have everyone who made your memories beautiful, scary, terrible, sad, angering, fun, and happy. So as I fall from this roof I savor my last moments and smile at all my memories. I turn and see the ground 50 feet away. I smile and open my arms wide as I reach the ground. I sink into the ground slowly as if I’m sinking into tar. As I feel my eyes droop I let them fall and soon I'm taken away from this beautiful earth and into a place beyond earth. A place where I can join the people and animals who made my memories memorable.

The author's comments:

I feel deeply about this piece and recently some events have happened that made me write this.

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