We Started Out as Strangers

January 4, 2018

When Madelief goes on a journey to find her mother, she never expects to encounter so many people with so many different tales to tell.

Chapter 1: Prologue

All you will need to know for this story (for now) are in these couple of pages:


A baby, nestled warmly in the arms of a woman- a woman who wanted, more than anything, to have the courage- the strength- to keep her.


Rain- little droplets misting all over the window panes, which were dimly lit by candlelight, and the slight glow of a smile drawn across the babies face.


Darkness- the world was dreary and gray, as if the whole world had poured all its secrets-all it’s problems- into one fleeting moment.


A woman. Brown hair pulled back tightly, a face glowing white behind the window. The shawl draped over her shoulders provided some heat, but not enough. Gently, she placed the baby in a small, white, wooden crib carved with the simple design of a single heart,  and lifted the shawl off her shoulders. Her hands were delicate and frail, though she was not old, with slender pale fingers that held the other end of the shawl while she wrapped the baby in it. “Be strong, my girl,” The woman whispered. “You’ll find a way back to me, I know you will.”


The baby gazed at her, not knowing this would be the last time she would ever see the solemn, bony face staring down at her.


Another woman came into the room, her face dour and eyes regretful.  Sobbing, the first woman handed the baby over to her.
“Please, help her find me. Keep her safe,” The first woman said, and she unclenched her fist, revealing a crumpled piece of paper. She tucked in the baby’s shawl. “When she’s old enough…” The first woman said unstably, “Give her this note. Tell her about me...don’t let her forget her mother.”


The second woman nodded, and, her lips drawn in a straight line, hugged the first woman. “I know this is hard, but you made the right choice.”


And then the second woman left with the baby.
A baby who knew nothing, but somehow knew everything.

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