A Lost Memory

October 21, 2017
By IFPifer BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
IFPifer BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
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"Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."
-Albus Dumbledore

A girl, a boy, and a memory.

This is what is going to make a story such as this, this is what is going to make a world full of wonders for you, the reader, to visualize within your mind. 

But will you enjoy a story such as this one? Will you enjoy a story involving heartbreak, depression, and suicide? Who knows, maybe you will, maybe you won't, the choice is yours. 

Now on to the story, a story that could make you wonder about the world, or even your own life. 

Chapter 1: Prologue

My heart skips a beat, as I see the wind blow through her hair, and as the sun starts to shine down on the rooftop, creating beautiful rays light through the rain clouds.  I take a deep, shallow, shaky breath with my body shaking of fear for the girl, as I watch her stand at the edge of the roof staring at me, and straight through my soul.  Then with all the strengh I have left of my trembling body, I look down and ask her, "Why?"

A couple minutes then pass, and no words have come from her beautiful voice that I have come to love so dearly.  It scares me, the silence, since this girl standing in front of me is usually not so quiet, she's usually filled with so much energy, as if she has been never sad or depressed in her, but she's been so quiet that it makes me worried.

I then look up, with a look of worriedness, because as I said before, she is usually never this quiet.  So as I look up towards her, I see that she is now looking back towards the horizon, where now the sun is finally starting to fully come out from beyond the clouds.  As she looks out, I see her sigh and mumble something under her breath, and she then turns back towards me with a smile, a smile that seems too sweet to be real, and a smile that fits her beauty and personallity all too well, but with that smile, I still see sadness within her eyes, as if they are trying to tell me something else rather than what her smile is telling me, as if they are trying to tell me a secret of some kind, who knows, but as I am lost in thought I still see her mouth two words to me, two words that have so many different meanings, two words that concluded a final conversation between me and this girl that I love dearly, and two words that tell me she's saying a last farewell, 'I'm sorry.' 

Then with that, she takes two short steps towards the edge and falls, leaving me to react as any human being would in these kinds of situations, and to run to the edge to try and get there in time, but of course, like everyone else, i'm too late to save her, i'm too late to tell her how I feel, i'm too late to truely smile with her and be happy, and i'm too late to be there for her when she needed me most. 

So, as I see her hit the ground, I break down crying and sobbing, knowing that I have lost the one person who would've been able to make my life complete if I only realized her feelings for me, and my feelings for her sooner. 

Now, to present day, I remember the last time I saw her, and now I know that I still blame myself for her death and everything that has happened to make her do such a thing. Yet, even through all the bad memories I remember of her and me, I still remember the good ones, the ones where I was able to make her smile and be happy, despite the fact of what her life was like back home.  But, even if I do remember the good times I had with her, I do wish sometimes that her smiling face that has been burned into my mind, would go away, because I do wish to wake up every morning having nightmares of the one that I still love, dying over and over like broken record, so I wish that the memory that I have of her would become a lost memory

Chapter Notes:

I the author, am sorry for anything that might trigger something for you in this story, and is sorry for writing anything that you do not like reading about.

So if you do not want to read any of the following that concerns things about depression and such, and might trigger something for you, I shall give you a warning to turn back now while you still have the chance to do so. 

Also, I am sorry for any grammical errors, I shall fix those in my free time, but I still hope you enjoy the story otherwise. 

The author's comments:

What inspired me to write such a story like this one was a song, a song that is sung in Japanese, and you might be asking, 'What is this song is called?', well it's called "Lost Time Memory" by a man named Matsuyama Kouta. The song is also from an anime called 'Mekakucity Actors', which you maybe heard of, I don't know, but the song is based around two of the main characters, a boy and a girl, but I can't really explain the moral of the story myself, so you'll have to figure that out on your own. Anyways, I hope my story gives you something to think about in a way at the end, and I really hope that you enjoy it. 

Hope you all have wonderful day!


From your author, 

Isabel F.

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