If Only I Was Pretty

September 25, 2017
By , ravenna , OH

“If I had longer hair, like the girls in the magazines, then I would be pretty”
(Spends year growing out her hair)
Still not pretty.
“Maybe if I wore makeup or contoured like those other girls”
(Spends 50$ on makeup and looks like a clown)
Still not pretty.
“What if I was thinner and had curves”
(Now she just has muscle because she was already thin)
Still not pretty.
“What if I stopped eating for about a week”
(Now she is in the hospital)
Still not pretty..
“Alright this is enough, I just have to accept it.”
(Turns 18)
Still not pretty..
“What if I got implants”
(spends thousands of dollars on implants)
Still not truly pretty.
Instead of spending her young years focusing on school, family, and friends, she was trying to be pretty. She didn’t realize that what she was saying, was actually the “perfect” model in the magazine.
(She realizes)
“What if I could go back, to that girl who wanted to make her hair long and buy makeup at 13, I could have been something, not just to myself but my friends and family”
“What if I had focused in school”
She is not pretty.
(She makes friends, focuses on family, and shares her story)
She is pretty and always was, but now..
She is Beautiful

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