August 18, 2017
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October 2016

Isaac tapped the end of his charcoal pencil to his lip as he tried to work on a commission. It was lunch hour, and as he pondered how to add on to his piece; some of his students were eating their own lunch and working on their own work. Isaac had been only 29 when he started working at the school, making him not only the youngest teacher but apparently the most approachable. He was often sought out for advice, and his classroom frequented students spending their lunch hour. Even though this meant that Isaac never really had a moment alone at work, he loved it. 

He pondered this as he heard the senior Larifa Adel scratching away at what looked like her French homework, her purple hijab tucked into her shirt. She was one of his quieter but most promising students. She could do wonders with a paint brush at the young age of 17 and managed to shock Isaac with every piece she presented him. She seemed to be stressing now, and he honestly just wanted to make her a cup of tea like he would during his office hours. 

Next to her was Wren Bellerose, who was reading a book Isaac didn't recognize. His chocolate brown hair was ruffled from being messed with, by himself and by his new friend Kai Romano who was sat behind him. Isaac never commented on Kai endlessly playing with the ends of Wren's hair; he could tell it was more of a comfort to Wren than a bother. Wren was new to the school, fresh from Columbus, and Kai had taken an instant liking to him. Isaac couldn't help but smile fondly at them as Wren read. 

"Hey," Isaac heard Gavin say from the doorway, snapping him out of his thoughts. Gavin walked into the classroom with Lily on his hip and her bag on his shoulder. He was wearing a blue button up he had taken from his brother Miles and a grin graced his lips as his eyes met Isaac's. Gavin met him by his desk and Lily reached for him. Isaac stood and took her on to his hip. 

"Hello poppet." he greeted with a pat to her stomach. She giggled at the attention, and both fathers smiled. She was a very happy baby, having earned the nickname sunshine from the both of them. 

Isaac leaned down and pecked his husband on the lips. "What are you doing here?" he asked still with a smile. Gavin put down Lily's bag before looking back up at the two. He still wasn't over the image of Isaac holding their daughter, and he wasn't sure he ever would be. 

"Well, Miles was fine alone in the cafe. I haven't met any of your students in a while, and Lily here wanted to see you." Gavin told him swiftly and Isaac smirked at him. 

"Only Lily wanted to see me?" Isaac teased and Gavin rolled his eyes. Lily tapped the top of Isaac's head to get his attention before whispering in his ear. Isaac chuckled at her antics and kissed her forehead. 

Isaac looked to Gavin before walking past him and saying, "She wants to know who these people are." Gavin too chuckled at their daughter. Larifa was the first to look up when Isaac sat in the desk in front of her, Lily on his lap. Gavin stood behind them, hands in his pockets. 

"Lily, this is Larifa. Say hello." Isaac said to her gently, knowing she could be nervous meeting new people. Gavin had been having her spend her days with him at the cafe to try and combat that anxiety. When Lily smiled brightly at Larifa, he knew it was helping. 

"Hello!" she tumbled out and waved. Larifa laughed softly and waved back at the little girl. She looked up to Gavin who already had a hand to his chest in greeting. 

"Nice to see you again," he said kindly. 

"You too, Mr. Sansbury." she replied kindly and he put his hand back into his pocket. It had been a while since Gavin had been able to visit the school, and he had missed seeing the kids Isaac blathered on about. He turned and saw a boy with light blue eyes looking at their family astonished. This had to be Wren, and the boy with wavy black hair and a hand on his shoulder had to be Kai.

Gavin knew that look because he had had the same look many years before. In his first apartment in Norfolk when he was 19, his neighbors had been Mrs. and Mrs. Abraham. He was astonished because they had made it. They had grandchildren and albums full of years of memories. Now here Wren was in his freshmen year of high school, and his art teacher had a husband. They were Mr. and Mr. Sansbury, and sitting in said art teacher's lap was their daughter. They had made it, and so Wren was astonished. 

"Sorry, love, but I don't believe I know these two," Gavin said as he put a hand on the back of his husband's neck. Isaac looked up to him then to Wren and Kai. Isaac grinned in acknowledgment. 

"Oh, yes, my little freshmen." Isaac declared, making Kai roll his eyes and Wren sigh. He had donned the phrase on Larifa her freshmen year after he saw her first painting, acknowledging he had taken her under his wing. He had started using the phrase on the two when he had noticed Kai wearing Wren's jacket, and so taking them under his wing as well. 

"Kai, Wren, this is my husband Gavin," he said putting an arm around Gavin's back. Both Kai and Wren looked astonished now, and it was then that Isaac recognized the look. The look he himself had when he met his sister Logan's friends Mrs. and Mx. Day when he was 18, helping her move out of her dorm after her graduation. He was glad to have put that look on their faces; it was always a good one. 

"And this," he said patting Lily's auburn hair, "is our daughter Lily." Isaac expected her to greet them, instead, she was playing with a blank neon green note card of Larifa's. He sighed and ruffled the eighteen-month-old's hair, getting her attention and making her giggle. She pressed her smiling face into his sweater, and this made Isaac smile as well. 

Larifa had always known the couple to be disgustingly happy (emphasis on the happy), but when they adopted Lily at the beginning of her junior year they beamed. She knew she wasn't going to miss high school, but she was going to miss this. She was going to miss Mr. Sansbury freezing when he saw each new painting of hers, Mr. Sansbury smiling at his family, in all honesty, the only thing she had liked about high school was her time with Mr. Sansbury.
She hadn't had the chance to talk to him yet, but she had recently learned she was accepted into both Yale and Columbia. She wasn't sure which road to turn down on. She knew he granted his choice of college to leading him to Norfolk, to Gavin, and later to Lily. He could help her, but for now, she just wanted to see him absolutely beaming with his family. 

Isaac checked his watch before his eyes widened, standing up and taking Lily back on his hip. "Shi-" he started before Gavin glared at him. "Shoot. Lunch hour's over in 2 minutes. Larifa, hun, you need to get to your French class, or Ms. Bernard will have my head." he rushed out, starting to hear early students coming. 

Larifa looked at her own watch and shut her notebook quickly. "Shoot," she enunciated and earned a glare from Mr. Sansbury. She only smiled and put her notebook away to dash to the west wing. Isaac chuckled and picked up Lily's bag, and when he turned back Gavin was already looking at him. He raised his eyebrow in question and handed him the bag. 

"You curse in front of your students?" Gavin asked incredulously. Kai snorted from where he was now sitting at his easel, and Wren grinned beside him. 

"Yes. Very much so." Kai chimed in. 

"Last week he was trying to draw a hand, would've made a sailor blush," Wren said offhandedly as he set up his and Kai's palettes. Kai smiled at him for this comment, and Wren still didn't notice the extra look in his eye. Gavin shot him another questioning look. 

"Gavin, they're in high school. I'm pretty sure they know their curse words by now. There's no reason to censor myself." he replied with no care, handing Lily off to him. 

"This one," he said ruffling her hair, "will probably know them by kindergarten with the amount of time she's been spending with her Aunt Bethany." Lily leaned her head into the crook of Gavin's neck, tired from the interaction. 

Gavin pouted before adding, "Like her Aunt Logan is any better." Isaac only shrugged; the bell had rung and students were rushing in. Isaac leaned down and pecked his lips, mumbling a 'bye' against them. Gavin smiled and said 'bye' back, walking away. Isaac was about to settle back into his desk before he realized they had forgotten something. Gavin was barely out the door when Isaac called for him. 

"Hey, babe?" Isaac called for him, leaning with his hands on his desk. Gavin moved back to the doorway with Lily dozing against him. It had been over a year since they had adopted Lily, over 4 years since they had been married, and over 7 years that they had been together but everyday was still new. Everyday had another possibility, and that didn't scare him anymore. It didn't scare him anymore because, by all means of this universe, he was here with Gavin, with their daughter, and with his students. If that could happen, then he'd be okay with the possibilities being endless. Of course, he would be. 


"I love you," he said with a bright smile like he had in the rain years ago when he first told him so. Gavin remembered that day and he remembered today, and god he loved him too. 

"I love you too." he returned with a soft grin. 


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