Friends. Without the S

August 14, 2017

Friends. Without the s.
If you ever walk around school, i can guarantee you that you’ll see a lot of kids in their own groups. Either playing, gossiping, talking, laughing, judging. And as you walk around, you wish you can have friends of your own. People you’d like to fit in with. You want to share your dreams, ideas, jokes, and your moments with them. It’s hard isn’t it?
Trying to find the right people to share that with.  But then, you meet this kid online in a group chat. Someone you’ve never met before. As you began to read the messages, you began to think of getting out of that group chat, but something tells you to stay, so you do stay. As days go by, you meet each and every one of those people, and find that you share the same interests, and you see that they’re are easy to talk to. However, one of them stands out more than the others. So you begin to talk to that person more than the others. You realize you both have things in common, and enjoy their company. But one day, you’ve had enough of the problems going on at home, and you break down. You cry and cry, and looked for ways to harm yourself because you couldn’t take more of this cruel world. But when you think about it, you think about that one person in the old group chat that bothered you so much that you wanted to go, but you stayed because you grew to love each one of them. And so you stop crying, put the blade down, and text that person. You hesitate to tell them your situation because you have trust issues, and because you don’t want to be as you grow that courage, and tell that person what’s going on, they welcome you with arms wide open and offer a hug. A hug that you’ll never forget, a hug that i’ll never forget. What followed the hug was a talk, and what followed the talk was a warm feeling of being accepted with your scars and insecurities.because they too were the same as i. i was broken, but that friendship that was built that day, those pieces began to assemble on their own. He made sure that he wasn’t going anywhere, that he’ll always be there for me, and that no matter how bumpy the ride, he’d hold my hand to assure me that i’ll be alright. That’s when i start to think, when i see those kids in the halls with their groups and all, do they ever tell them about their problems? Their dreams? Their secrets? Why have so many friends to keep you company when you can have one? One whose loyal, one who understands you, one who can love and care and joke around with you. Someone like him, a friends, without the S. 

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