July 31, 2017
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April 2009

Everyone wants to control how their life goes. It’s only human to want to know when your life is going to change. Gavin Davidson knew his life was on the brink of change. He was 22 and nearing college’s end. But there was no way he could know Isaac Sansbury was going to stumble into his life and switch it all around.

His day started like most. His eyes narrowing as the sun forced its way through his blinds, the smell of coffee of his roommate’s coffee invading his senses, and his shoulder sore. It was his last month of his last semester of college, his birthday having just passed. He was ready for something new, and it made him happy to know that he wouldn't have to wait long.

While Gavin had been dragging himself out of his creaky bed, Isaac had been awake for hours. He was grading the tests the board had been making him hand out, the kind that wasn't needed but were given to make the school look better. If Isaac had had any real leverage, he would've fought it for his students. He saw the bags under their teenage eyes and the tension in their shoulders. He taught art for god's sake.

It was nearing noon when they both entered the coffee shop a block from Isaac's school. Gavin had just left his economics exam, in which during he spent the entire time running a hand through his hair. His roommate Cavan knew he would do this and put a burgundy beanie in his bag. Gavin snorted when he found it and put it on as he crossed the street to the coffee shop.

It was Isaac's free period when he went to the coffee shop, his glasses pushed up into his hair. He pinched the bridge of his nose as he brisked into the coffee shop, still not having slept. He ordered his black coffee from the barista quietly and turned around to see another tired boy leaning against the counter.

His slightly curly hair was disheveled under the beanie he shoved it under, and his fingers were tapping a rhythm against the vinyl counter top. Gavin felt his gaze and looked up with an amused look, in which Isaac replied by looking away and biting his lip. Gavin smiled and noticed the gray browline glasses being placed back on his nose and the distinct freckle at the top of his cheekbone. They were both curious of the other, but didn't know how to approach.

The barista noticed their glances and decided to do them a favor. She picked up their black coffees and set them down between them. "Gavin? Isaac?" They turned to one another a question in their eyes before a grin passed on Gavin's face. He picked up his coffee and put his hand out in greeting.

"Well, as you can assume, I'm Gavin," he said with humor in his voice. Isaac chuckled and took his hand. They probably shook hands for too long, and the barista that had gone back to taking orders was grinning to herself. Isaac was the one that pulled back, figuring his palms were clammy.

"Yeah," he chuckled again. "I'm obviously Isaac then." Gavin grinned too and nodded, handing Isaac his coffee.

Neither of them had planned on staying; Gavin needed to study for his next final and Isaac needed to prep for the next testing session. But those things were forgotten, and they both wanted to stay.
"So, do you want to sit?" Gavin offered somewhat sheepishly.


"So, what do you do, Isaac?" Gavin asked over his cup of coffee. Isaac had set his down, tracing a finger around the rim. They sat across from one another at one of the taller tables and chatted as Isaac tried not to forget that he would have to go back to work. 

"I’m an art teacher." he told him, now sipping at his coffee.
Gavin hummed and set down his cup,

"How are you here having coffee with me at 11 on a Wednesday then?" he teased with a smug grin.

Isaac smiled down at the table. "I have a free period, and I desperately needed coffee. I was up all night grading."

Gavin wrinkled his nose in pity, which Isaac honestly found adorable. "God, I'm sorry. Is that just the job or end of year?" he asked, genuinely wondering which Isaac saw as endearing.

"End of year always adds on some, but the board's been on us all year. Excess tests for the kids for grants or whatever." Isaac explained with a roll of his mocha eyes. Gavin could tell he really cared about his job, even though it frustrated him. He had to admire that.

"Damn," he muttered. Gavin drank from his coffee cup and looked around the shop, catching a barista grinning in their direction. Gavin laughed at this and Isaac tapped his hand.

"What are you laughing at?" Isaac asked curiously, a small smile adorning his lips. Gavin decided that he really really liked that little smile. He'd like to see more of it. Gavin put a hand to his wrist, leaning closer to him and pointed towards the barista.

"Our matchmaker is pleased," Gavin said jokingly and Isaac snorted. She had noticed their glances and blushed, leaving for the back room. Isaac laughed lightly and turned to Gavin, noticing their proximity. Gavin's eyes were bright green, and when the sun streamed in flecks of gold shone. They were caring and present, and in all honesty bewitching.

Gavin had noticed the freckle at the top of his cheekbone, but now he saw the light ones splattered across his nose. He was captivating. Gavin smiled then and looked down. Isaac smiled too and bit his lip.

"Great little matchmaker," he mumbled and Gavin looked back up at him. Isaac's eyes were warm and exhausted, a dark brown he'd like to find familiar. Gavin smiled and leaned back, biting his lip. Isaac grinned too, looking down.

"Okay," Gavin said, taking his hand away. "You probably need to get back, but I'd really like your number." Gavin pulled out a pen from his bag and pushed it and a napkin towards Isaac.

Isaac bit his lip and smiled lightly, taking the pen and writing his number down on the frail napkin. He clicked the pen closed and slid it back, and stood up. He stopped by Gavin.

"Yes, now I must go give an exam to my senior art class, poor things." He sighed, placing a hand by Gavin's, pinkies linking. "I'll see you then." Isaac left then with a grin. Isaac's senior students questioned the grin on his face, and he just chuckled and told them to finish their exams. Halfway through said exam, he received a text.

    Hey, it's Gavin. I don't know if you find ways to love and appreciate atrocious movies like I do, but my roommate just told me about a disgrace that is now in theaters. I’m sorry if this is forward, but would you like to accompany me?

Isaac laughed at the message, automatically covering his mouth at noticing his students looking up. It was such an odd way to be asked out but damn it if he didn't appreciate oddity. A blonde student by the name of Ginny raised an eyebrow at him as she turned in her exam. He just shook his head and went to text him back.

    Atrocious movies are the best movies. But fair warning, I tend to talk during movies. If you can accept that, then I'd love to accompany you.

He bit his lip after pressing send, hoping it was the right kind of odd. Most of his students were starting to wrap up their exams, and Ginny along with Hudson approached his desk. Hudson's now blue hair was for once out of his eyes, which held curiosity. Ginny's green eyes held the same look, and Isaac sighed.

Hudson leaned against the desk, "Okay, Sansbury, who is actually bringing a smile to your face?" Isaac rolled his eyes and put his phone aside. Isaac was the youngest teacher at the school at 26, which apparently meant his being single was an important fact to, particularly nosy and/or bored students.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Isaac replied in a bored tone. Ginny fixed him with a knowing glare just as his phone chirped with a reply. Hudson went to try and check the message before Isaac could, but Isaac glared at him and picked it up swiftly. Hudson laughed at his glare like he usually did, and Isaac knew he probably would miss him when he graduated. If his students took him too seriously, he knew he wouldn't enjoy his job.

    A man after my own heart. See you at 7.

Isaac smiled at the message and looked up to two knowing looks. He sighed and Ginny smiled at Hudson who had been telling her they needed to set 'Sansbury' up before they graduated. Hudson was going to introduce him to his older sister at graduation, making Hudson later tell Ginny that he guessed his sister lost out.

"Okay, whatever, go back to your seats," Isaac said exasperatedly making both seniors laugh.

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