The author

The sounds of the church bells. It sounded off in the air through the rustling of the autumn leaves.
More like The sound of repulsive children stomping on said leaves ruined the tone the author was setting and the author, frustrated, threw her paper into the trash can as the teens continued to make their way.
As the author settled back in her chair, she looked through her notes piled up on her desk. She wanted a break for a moment. Just a moment. A quick glance to the outside world perhaps, she peeked at the window. She observed such a glorious setting, perfect for her story. She started writing down what she was taking in. She continued,
The leaves left a crisp sound left in the ears of the sunday strollers.
The author searched some more than just leaves.

Leaves. LEaves, there's nothing but leaves here in this dumb town

She took another look at the pack of what looked like grown up- children… She thought maybe she should switch up her writing style a bit…Her goal was to take her environment and use it to her advantage… People count as environment right? She quickly perked up and decided she needed to observe those teens.
A few moments later the author packed up her things and got her writing fedora, she believed it helped her in a way. She strutted over to the area the group of teens were in but made sure she kept a distance.
“What a profound looking bunch.” The author whispered to herself when she caught a closer glimpse of them and not just through her office window.
The author took out her trusty pen and notebook to continue her story now that she can hear what the group was saying hoping she’d get good content for her story. She was destined to find good dialogue… even if said dialogue was… profound...
“TERENCE STOP HITTING ON THE KIDS,” Asha yells running up to him shooing away a confused little girl.
“One day you're gonna get arrested,” Abby scolds.
Terence laughs, “But I was only joking. I already have my one and only.”
“Jessica?” Greg asks.
Dorothy zips her mouth causing Abby to double over laughing.

"Your mum?" Nasida asks.

"Oxygen?" Asha murmurs

“No,” Terence responds, “I have Jesus Christ. Can i get an amen?”
The group laughs as they walk away from the park.
“I mean at least he's not pushing kids off of swings, right Abby?” Dorothy said looking over to Abby who wears a guilty look.
“Listen, they weren't moving out of my way and I wanted to swing, sacrifices had to be made.”
Asha tsks and gently hits Abby and Terence's arms in a motherly way, “Behave.”
Abby scoffs, “Ok, but Greg was racing the kids and pushing them so they wouldn't win,”
Greg shrugs his shoulders, “Like you said, sacrifices.”
“Oh please Greg the last sacrifice you made was shampoo.” Nasida scoffed.
From a distance a familiar tune was heard and Dorothy suddenly perks up screaming, “ICE CREAM!”
Dorothy begins running faster than she's even ran with Daria close behind her. The others stare at each other and raced to where Dorothy and Daria were.
The author winced at the sight of two mature looking teens fling like moths to fire for icecream. Let alone, racing, for it. The author continued her jotting session however and kept following the group from a safe distance knowing she’ll be hardly noticed considering they don’t really pay attention to their surroundings.
“Well? What now? We have no kids to torture.” Nasida sighs.
Abby scoffs putting away her money, “I just spent 5 dollars on a cone, could've put it towards college,”
“All you care about is college,” Nasida sighs.
“And all you care about is grades. Your point?” Abby retorts.
Dorothy pipes up, “Actually she doesn't care about college, she still cares about-”
Dorothy is cut off by Abby kicking the back of her leg causing Dorothy to fall.
The group laughs half heartedly then they hear a rustling from behind them. They all stop moving and Asha whispers cautiously.
“Ok so there's a lady behind us, she's been following us for a while and I thought she was just going the same way as us but we should make a run for it.”
“Or fight her,” Abby suggests.
They turn to see the lady, looking in her mid-twenties with a fedora and sunglasses on with a tan trench coat. Abby hits the ground running, Dorothy and Daria follow and the lady looks up.
“Oh no! Please!” She begins running after the three as Nasida throws a pebble at her

“It's for the greater good,” the lady yells.
They all begin running. “There is no greater good, we're all gonna die!” Abby yells.
The lady gets up and chases after them, “No wait! You’re my writing material!”

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