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Behind a Mask

Lifelessly her body lay there. Untouched and unloved by everyone or what seemed to be everyone. Pulling away her mask that she held up like a wall. What seemed to be a normal girl was actually a survivor who was too far gone. Her flawless skin that deceived the dirty. Her bright blue eyes who surprised the judgemental. Her big pearly white smile shined through the dark. Silky hair that untangled in the grasp of the nonbelievers. She was a sick twist to a joke. She was never perfect enough for the angels, but not bad enough for her demons. Pushed over and over into that place. That place where she didn’t know what she was: hated, wanted, needed, or useless. Back and forth her thoughts spun through her head then crack. A sight of light. She held onto it and jumped. Now they look at her decaying skin, her blue eyes full of tears, the permanent smile cut into her face, and her hair that wrapped around the noose. She was gone, sucked away with her secrets and flaws. The real her taken away by the sound of nothing and one shine of light. 

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