28 Day Writing Challenge #14

By , Elk Grove, CA


Loren discovered a big pitfall of true love. No inspiration for your songs. He was staring at a blank wall like an idiot when Jean walked in and thumped a newspaper on the table in front of him. "Look." She said. Her excitement was barely contained. "They caught the guy who did this?" Loren asks in disbelief. "Something like that," she leans in and points to a small photo on the bottom of the article," She looks like  a real hardened criminal, right?" She. He had been attacked by a girl. "What exactly happened that night, Loren?" Jean could only be held in suspense for so long. She sat down. "Well," he started, and he rubbed his temples,"Neil told me to take a day for myself. So he set up a nature trail, like hiking. But when I was in the middle of the hike a black clad figure-" "Her name's Emily." Jean interjected. She was milking this. "Sure. OK. Emily attacked me, like she was waving a knife around. So I ran, into a clearing, and she kicked me in the leg. Then you and Pearson showed up, and she darted." It was the honest truth. "Maybe you should take some self defense." Jean suggested. "My agents will set up a court date." Loren responded. He rubbed his neck. What rhymes with date? Late? Bait? Crate? This song would take its time. All part of the creative process. "Hey," Jean said, standing up. "Do you think she was really just a crazy fangirl?" "What else could have happened?" His mind was blank. There was no other motive. "You're right." She conceded. After all, she didn't kill him. "So you are pressing charges?" "Yes. End of conversation. I got beat by a girl, lovely." "It just proves girls can do everything guys can do." Jean was quick to retort. "Wait." She realized something that her feel sour like lemonade. "Does this mean we're going to Linda?" Now was his turn to smirk. "What's so bad about Linda? I mean, it was boring but it's your hometown." "It was not boring." Jean said, frustrated. "It's just.. " What was it? She had left that place in the dust. Not every girl got a chance to date their favorite celebrity. "You have something you aren't telling me, Jean?" He says, but it's joking and light. It was just nerves, probably. "No secrets." She promised in an equally jovial tune, but it was serious. She didn't want a relationship built on lies. "No secrets." He repeated, and Jean could see his eyes glaze like his soul was leaving. He must have had an idea. He always retreated to his own little world when he was 'being creative'. Jean walked out into the hall. Neil was there. He was definitely the less attractive one compared to Loren. And his hair, military buzz had never been that stylish. "Hey babe." He said. Flashed a loser smile. She brushed passed him. Ew. She only walked a few feet down the hall before she sat down, leaning against the wall. Was she sick? The uneasiness hadn't settled. She heard music drifting her way. Harmonizing. No secrets. She wasn't hiding anything. Why did she feel so guilty? The door jarred open, startling her. Neil rushed out, looking as sick as she felt. No 'Hey Babe' this time. "Neil!" Loren called down the hall, but the other boy had already left. "Weird." He muttered, retreating to the room. Jean put her headphones in. They were a birthday present. From her mom. No. Carson gave them to her. But it wasn't like he would be at the trial. She wondered what he was doing right now. He probably hated that Emily girl for attacking Loren, because that's what took her away from him. Silly boys.

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