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Some people get happy endings. Fate is on there side. One is the loneliest number and Carson was number one purely in that sense. In everything else he was always second best, or more commonly 10th and 13th best. Basically the worst. Loren Page and Jean Anderson got reunited. It was a big win for them. True love was enviable and wonderful, sunshine and rainbows. They had been brought together by a storm, how sweet. Thanks, fate! The power of love- isn't that what we really learned from Huey Lewis? So Carson ends up alone after the third girl he ever kissed flees back to... Canada, maybe? With that sister she mentioned. Carson had a feeling the sister was the only family she had. His heart was decaying in his chest. And then there were all the people inconveniently misplaced by the storm. Was true love, even the kind fate wanted to happen, really worth all this heartbreak. Where is fate for Carson and Emily and Kevin, the homeless man, or his librarian wife? And then there's justice, also absent from the party. If there was justice Neil would get arrested for plotting against his former bandmate. But Emily would also get arrested because she was the one who actually assaulted him. So there wasn't much justice there. Every time someone is happy in the world, someone else is very upset. You shouldn't concern yourself too much with this because you'll be very depressed all the time. Carson complained about the desolate island of pity he was stuck on to his mother once he had stopped gaping in the street. "It isn't fair that there's always someone I love that loves someone else." He whined through sips of Dr. Pepper. His heart was decaying so rapidly, but it must have been decaying his mind as well because otherwise he would've known not to strike this nerve. "There are starving children in Africa." She said calmly. Her default response to complaining. "Pain is relevant. My problems aren't less than someone else's." His default response to the reminder of how great his life was compared to so many people. Misery loves company but pity for yourself is fun to wallow in alone. Carson sulked and practically tripped over all the angst as he walked into his room. He stumbled into his bedroom literally. His mom remained on the couch, sipping her water because Carson took the last glass of Dr. pepper. It isn't fair that someone I love loves someone else, she thought. Carson didn't take the time to notice his mother's pain, which was very relevant and very persistent. She didn't take the time to notice it much either, except when she was alone and sad and now. Now she was alone and sad and her husband wasn't here but it's not because he didn't love her back. He just had his own problems, his own relevant pain. Carson's mother went on the internet and donated money to the Red Cross, hoping it might go to some starving children because their pain was relevant too. Somewhere, elsewhere, Emily was going to sleep in a bed in a crummy hotel. Kevin was going to sleep on his bench. Loren was sleeping in his big house, Jean was in a nice hotel in Linda. Neil was in his own house, which was nice and big. Everyone started their days differently and ended them differently, but they all went to sleep. Some had decay in their hearts and their minds. Others had dreams plagued with guilt, for hurting someone or paying them to hurt someone. Emily was unlike the others in an unfortunate way, she was the only person that would wake up somewhere else.

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