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$500 Worth of Crappy Peanuts and Whiny Babies

Last night the moon seemed to say something. Something like a whoom! Or a Bam! Doesn’t really make that much sense, huh? But that’s what it seemed to say, peering down at me with full brightness.

I didn’t know why but staring up at the moon just said it. It was late, and the stars had come out to dance on the tree tops. I was supposed to be studying, but instead, I chose to stare at the moon when it said bam!

So here I am now, sleep deprived with empty assignments staring down at my test trying to understand why the moon said bam! To me. I regret doing that, but there’s nothing I can do to get me out of logarithms.

I grip my pencil tighter and stare down, begging for the answer to dance in like those stars. My pages stayed blank. My prayers were fruitless. I fall back in despair, craning my neck to look at the ceiling. Around me, pencils are scratching, and i feel hopeless in this sea of education.

I closed my eyes, wondering what the moon would say now. Would it say boo? Or still say bam!

If only I could go to the moon right now, I thought miserably.

The moon’d be a much better than place than old Mrs. Ganske’s room. No tests. No school. No haughty glances and snickers. No big fat red f’s with a ‘come see me’ in red ink, underlined. I could just stare out in the open and think for the rest of my life. That’s the dream.

“Time’s up!”

But instead of time, it’s my head that’s up. The teacher walks by to grab our tests, and he raises an eyebrow at me. My paper is blank with a few scribbles here and there. Once he passes, I slam my head into my desk face forward, groaning.

If only the moon had airline express, I despaired. I’d buy all $500 worth of crappy peanuts and whiny babies.

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