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Little Package, Huge Strength

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“Timber!”  A tall red oak fell down onto the forest floor as a compact teen threw an axe over his shoulder. The boy looked to be African-American, 17 and was rather bulky for his size.
“Whew...Well, that’s the last one!”
He wiped his brow clean of sweat using his blue handkerchief before walking over to the fallen tree to chop it up. He then tied the pieces together before picking them and walking out of the forest. He soon reached a saw mill where he eyed an older white man, around his 50s or 60s and dressed in a plaid shirt with jeans and a construction helmet, talking to some of the other workers.
“BOSS!”he boy called out, making the man whip his head in his direction. “I’ve gotta another load for ya!”
The man tipped his hat back as he chuckled. “Why Jack, there’s yer eighth load today! You’ve done enough!”
The boy known identified as Jack dropped his load by the other pieces before walking towards his boss.”You know me: I don’t go down till the sun goes down with me!” He pounded his fist against his chest pridefully as he stated that.
“Well as far I’m concerned, you’re done for today. Oh by the way, how’s yer father?”
Jack’s smile disappeared as his face grew saddened for a bit, making the man worry. “He’s...fine.” Jack’s answer was slow and reluctant as he stared at the ground. There was a momentary silence between the two as nothing else but the birds chirping and flying was all that was heard. The man placed his hand onto Jack’s shoulder which made him look up at him.
“Jack, don’t worry. I’m sure he’ll be fine.” The man spoke in a soothing voice which in turn made Jack smile.
“Thanks, Mr. Dox.” He chuckled a bit before wiping his left eye. That old man always did know just what to say. ‘D--- old man, almost made me cry,’ he thought. His bright smile returned.
“Anytime, son. You  know, I heard that you have a physics test this Friday. Have you been studying?” Jack rubbed his head while looking the other way from Mr. Dox.
“Umm...Well…” Mr. Dox sighed.“You have to study for yer tests. You have to get your education.” Mr. Dox pointed at Jack, making him shrink under his glare. “Tell you what: You’re coming home with me so that my daughter can help you study.”
“What? No. I couldn’t-”
“NONSENSE! My daughter loves spending time with you as do I! It’s no problem at all!”
Jack smiled as he listened to the man he had come to know over the years. From meeting him on the streets to working for him, he came to know this crazy old geezer as a father figure and a deep friend. As he opened his mouth to give an answer, he suddenly heard a familiar voice behind him.
“Jack.”, he visibly flinced. “We gotta go.”
Jack turned around to see her...His eldest sibling, Isabella Knoxson. The tattoo ridden light-skinned Mexican teen wore a dark blue hoodie with ripped pants and a tank top that revealed too much of her cleavage to the public’s eye as she walked towards him.
“I’m serious. We have to go now.”
Jack knew by the look on her face that she was serious and that worried him so he turned to Mr. Dox, said his goodbyes and left with his older sister. The two entered his maroon Ram Truck that was pristine clean and worked perfectly despite its owner was such a delinquent.
“So what is it, this time?” Jack spoke nonchalantly as he stared at into the emerald sea of trees. “Get into another fight with your boss?”
Isabella sucked her teeth upon hearing him “No. I just wanted to spend some time with you. Is that so wrong?” She glanced at him as the truck steadily rolled on the road.
“I guess not.” Jack just shrugged as he just kept looking out the window.
“Hey Jack,”
“Look at me.”
This time, Jack sucked his teeth. “I don’t wanna.” He really didn’t want to talk her to her. After all the times she caught with drugs, gang fights, and trouble in their hometown, Swamdin , he just wanted to go home without seeing her which he did for many weeks.
“Jack!” Finally getting annoyed, he turned to face with annoyance written all over his face. As he did, he realized the truck had stopped in front of their family farm.
“What do y-?!” He was silenced by the least expected action he thought his sister would do: Kissing him on the lips. As she pulled away from him, she grabbed his shirt to pull him in close..
“I love you.”  She stared deep into his eyes as she whispered it to him, sending him into a daze of confusion.
“The h--- are you saying!? What’s with you!? You got a fever or something?” Jack pushed her away as he shouted. “You don’t know what you’re talking about! Don’t mess with me!”
“I’m not. I’m being honest with you.” Her face grew stern as she looked him deep into his eyes, making him look away from her. “I know what I said and I meant it. I love you, Jack.”
“Why are you acting so weird all of a sudden!? Are you high again!?”
She grabbed him again and pushed him against the car door. “I said I was being serious. No I am not are drugs and no I am not messing with you. Don’t you love me too?” Her face saddened, making Jack raise his eyebrows in confusion.
“Yeah I do love you. BUT as my sister!” Jack told her honestly with a slight look of anger in his eyes.
She smirked before kissing him again, causing Jack’s eyes to widen in surprise. Isabella rested her head onto Jack’s as she whispered again.
“Don’t worry. I know you will see and love me as a woman soon.”
She then got out of her truck and walked towards their home with an odd pep in her step, leaving a dazed and confused Jack behind.
“C’mon Jack~Don’t wanna leave Mama and Papi waiting do you?”
Jack said nothing as he got out of the truck slowly, still in a daze. He soon caught up to her and as he walked, one single thought was burning with his mind.
‘Just what the h--- is happening to me?’

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