why didnt he just tell me?

February 28, 2009
By Anonymous

Wy didnt he call? Why didnt he tell me he was alright? These questions were buzzing through my mind as I waited in the waiting room in the dark grey deppresing hospital. Why didnt he tell me where he was going? Why did this have to happen to him?! As I thought this the doctor came out. He told me he might not make it.
So I was left alone in this dark world thinking if he would be alright. Please please let him make it I thought. Please let him be alright and live a normal happy life we all love him so much God. As I prayed silently a women with a golden brown hair, beautifl dark blue eyes and pearl white teeth and a beautiful smile came up and said "He's gonna be alright."then I looked down to my white addidas thinking please let her be right. I looked up and watched her vanish into thin air.
It turned out she was his gaurden angle and she had gone back to him. I wonderd why did he have to drivve that night into that partikular parking lot? Why why why. The nurse came out and told me "He made it through!" He knew he might not make it and he fought for his life.

The author's comments:
Even though this is fiction I feel as if it were true. That a little peice of us dies and a new piece is born.

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