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July 15, 2016
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Friday, July 15th
There is a circular, black bug crawling slowly up the wall. I admire the persistence of this bug. Every few feet, it slips down the wall, but continues climbing upward, slowly, steadily, reaching for who knows what at the top of the wall.

It is time to go to bed soon. As much as I trust this bug feels indifferent toward me, I am not comfortable with turning off the lights and falling into unconsciousness, thus giving the bug the opportunity to do whatever it wishes. I do not trust the bug.

Saturday, July 16th
I woke up and, out of amusement, glanced around the room. My wall is bug-free. The floor is not. The bug is mosying around near my closet. I hope the bug didn't fall off the wall but climbed down it, as safely and steadily as yesterday's activities. I am growing quite tired of checking in on this bug every several hours.

Sunday, July 17th
I am going to squish this bug. I now have a shoe in my hand. Because I admire this bug's persistence, I have vowed not to slam down the shoe, but instead place it gently on top of the bug. A peaceful death. The bug scurries away at my impending shadow. I place the shoe over the bug.

Monday, July 18th
As soon as I removed the shoe, the bug scurried away. There is a bug-like limb clinging to the bottom of my shoe, but the creature lives on. It has defeated me.

Tuesday, July 19th
I have begun to feel sorry for the bug. I have, after all, taken one of its limbs, without any kind of damage infringed upon me. I place a leaf on the floor and do not check in on the bug every several hours, giving it the privacy it needs in its time of recovery.

Wednesday, July 20th
Samuel (the bug) seems to be doing well without his limb. He is thriving, actually, climbing up and down walls in the space of several hours, becoming familiar with the features of my room. I trust Samuel to treat my room as a temporary housing area, until he returns to wherever bugs return to. I read aloud from a book for the first time since the middle of the school year. I hope Samuel pardons my slip-ups, but I have a feeling he enjoys even my stuttered version of A Series of Unfortunate Events. We marvel at the characters and their situations.

Thursday, July 21st
Samuel is nowhere to be found. Surely he was not offended by the leaf I placed so lovingly on the floor? Maybe he doesn't like leaves. Or perhaps my reading alarmed him? I really do hope Samuel returns. He added a certain liveliness to the state of things.

Friday, July 22nd
Samuel has not made an appearance since Wednesday. Perhaps he has returned to his real location, with his family and proper leaves and no cumbersome humans. I regret squishing him with my shoe. I miss him dearly.

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