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     “Hunter will be here in five minutes,” Katherine yelled to her dad, while Bob Marley’s “song Buffalo Solider” was playing on full volume in her room. “I’m just a buffalo soldier in the heart of America,” Katherine sang along as she struggled to tie her blue bikini top on her tan; body, she spent hours at the beach trying to get tan. She could never stay tan like her friends could, for some reason, her skin just wouldn’t allow it. That didn’t bother Katherine because the beach that was her favorite place to go. She loved the salty breeze, they way the water surrounds her body, and the animals that make the ocean their home. While in the water she felt as if she was part of this vast community of life. If she could freeze time she would stay in those moments forever.
     Hunter’s black Dodge Charger pulled in her driveway. “Katherine,” her dad yelled from down stairs. “Your boyfriend is here!”
     “Okay,” she yelled running down the stairs, her towel bag bouncing on her shoulder.

     “I love you, dad!” She rushed out of the door before her dad could say that he loves her back. 
     The car’s black leather seat set her skin on fire, “Damn, why are your seats so hot?” she reached over and strapped on her seatbelt careful not to come into contact with the metal part.
Hunter started to back out of the driveway.

     “Be quite, you are already making us late for the party.” His voice was deep and impatient; Katherine could feel the anger radiating off of him. Katherine leaning back in the seat not caring about how much it burns anymore.  Katherine wasn’t in the mood to fight with him, even thought he was always in the mood to fight with someone.
  They sky was full of brilliant shades of pinks and oranges. When they arrived to the beach the sun was setting. Stepping out of the car, her toes immediately hit the tan sand, still warm from the sun. That is one thing that Katherine loved about Coral Beach, you could literally drive your car on the beach, and it was never full of people, just sand and shells.  It is also her favorite location to surf at, it had the best waves. She could see the bonfire and kids from her high school in the distance.
     “Why did you park so faraway?” Katherine asked, Hunter ignoring her, stomped in front of her heading toward the crowed of people, the weight of his body crushing the sand beneath him. Just to see if she could, Katherine tried walking on the sand without leaving a single foot print.
     “Could you walk faster,” She looked up from her feet to Hunter who grabbed her arm tightly dragging her along “By the time you get there the party will be over.”
     Letting go of her arm before anyone could notice, they melted into the crowd of twenty or so people. Hunter high fived his friends, Danny and Justin, both are on the lacrosse team with Hunter. Katherine tugged on his sleeve “I am going to go get us drinks, what do you want?” Hunter shrugged her off and started talking to his friends. Rolling her eyes, she went to go get some beer from the red plastic cooler, she plunged her hand into the freezing ice and pulled out a glass bottle of beer. Glass? Fancy. She furrowed her eyebrow. I wonder how long it would take to turn this whole bottle into sea glass. She thought to herself.
     “Hey, sexy.” Katherine was well into her second bottle of beer when her best friend, Hannah hugged her from behind.
     “Hellllooo gorgeous,” Katherine turned around hugged her back “What took you so long to get here?”
     “My evil step-mother made me clean my room.” Hannah rolled her eyes and pretended to gag. Hannah and her step-mom, Ashely, look like they are actually mother and daughter. They both have bright green eyes and the same long smooth face. The only difference is Hannah’s hair has black kinky curls and Ashely has strait blonde hair, but everyone knows she dyes it even though she won’t admit it.
     “I don’t know why you hate her so much, she is actually very nice.”
     “She is half my dads age and she is only with him for his money. Plus, you don’t have to live with her nagging everyday.”
     “True, true and true.” Hannah grabbed half empty beer out of Katherine’s hands and chugged the rest like it was water.
     “I am going to get more. You want any?” Hannah burped loudly,
     “Only if you promise to dance with me.”
     “We’ll see.” Hannah laughed walking away
Across the sea of people Katherine noticed a boy starring at her, she recognized him from her English class. He looked like the surfer type with his bark tan skin, shaggy dirty blonde hair and a soft round face. What was the guys name again, John? No Jack…wait no it is Jor— “Here you go.” Hannah shoved a bottle into her hand interrupting Katherine’s train of thought. After a couple sips and Hannah chugging the bottle down, Katherine pulled her over to where all the people are dancing by the fire. Hannah and Katherine danced close together their bodies never left each others touch. Katherine could tell that Hunter was enjoying it because he kept glancing their way. Pig. Stepping back Katherine rolled her pretty green eyes.
     “I am getting tired, I am going to go and rest for a bit.” Hannah gave Katherine a pouty face,
     “Fine.” Hannah sighed, “I am going to go boy hunting.” She flashed Katherine a mischievous grin while strutting to a group of boys.
     Katherine stood ankle-deep in the calm dark ocean waves, just itching to go in. They way the waves washed up over her feet and back out again, made her feel like the ocean wanted her to go in. Katherine gave into the urge and peeled off her jean shorts and pink tank top, reviling her blue bikini. The water was cool against her heated skin and chills ran up her body. Unable to resist Katherine submerged her head. She didn’t realize hot hot her face was from the bonfire till her face was under water.
Sixty-one…sixty-two…sixty-three…sixty-four… sixty-five…sixty-six. Lungs burning, Katherine gasped for air. Damn so close. When she was younger her and her dad would compete on who can hold their breath the longest, she didn’t beat him until she was twelve years old. Katherine still misses those days when her dad would go to the beach with her, now all he does is work. 
Floating on her back Katherine watched the glowing stars, wondering if you feel as weightless in space as you do in water. She could hear the base of the music on the shore. Katherine heard a splash next to her. Lifting her head up, Katherine looked up and saw not even a single ripple in the water. Probably just a fish.  Trying to block out the noise of the music Katherine rested her head in the water again, only to cover her ears, then stated to hum “Three Little Birds.”
     Not even half way through the song, Katherine felt something swim under her. Classic Hunter always trying to scare me.  Still Katherine couldn’t shake this bad feeling off of her, like someone or something was watching her. Katherine tried to search for Hunter in the ink black water but gave up. Is he on the beach?  Spinning to face the beach, Katherine spotted Hunter wrestling with his friends in the sand. Out of the corner of her eye she saw something poking out of the water. What the hell? Katherine squinted her eyes to see better, her eyes widened, heart sinking she admittedly knew it was a shark. SWIM!  Katherine didn’t know how far she was from shore till she started to swim.
Pressure came down on Katherine’s torso as the shark dug its teeth into her. She tried to scream but her lungs filled with salty water.  Katherine thrashed in the shark’s jaws, adrenaline was pumping through her veins. Think Katherine, think…The eye, find the eye. With her free hand Katherine felt her way around the shark’s slick face for the eye. Before she even got the chance to find it, the pressure was gone. Only darkness surrounded her now, it was to dark to tell which way is it is to the surface, she started to panic.

     Something grabbed her by the arm and pulled her threw the water, her lungs felt like they were on fire. The shark came back to finish me of. She thought. This his how I am going to die.  Her head broke the surface of the water, Katherine gulped the night air, relief filled her burning lungs. Light-headed, Katherine looked at her arm but instead of a shark, it was a kid, pulling her to shore. Jorden? But why? Who in their right mind would swim toward bleeding shark attack victim? Looking up at the stars a wave of calmness took over Katherine’s body, then nothing but darkness.

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