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He was a spry old man. He’d take us for midnight jaunts along the forest, aided only by moonlight. I remember the way the silver light made the early morning dew glisten. He, my brother, and I sat by the banks of a raging, frothy river watching the first rays of golden light banish the shadows.
My grandfather would say to my brother and I, “Lance, Maggie, I promise you will never be alone if you have yourself.” He’d then turn back the way he came and slip into the kitchen before Grandmother was up.
The night of August the fourteenth, the end of Lance and my summer vacation and stay with our grandparents, our grandfather took us out. We shouted and danced and sang in the air that was gaining a bite to it. It was darker than usual that night. I followed my grandfather’s singing, but it grew fainter and fainter until it was barely a whisper carried to me on the wind.
“Grandpa?” I whispered, scared. I started along, feeling the ground with my tennis shoes. I heard a crashing and immediately recognized the frothy river where my grandfather would probably be! I ran carelessly down the hill and towards the misty bank. The roaring got louder and louder and I shouted for my grandfather. Instead of falling into Grandpa’s arms, I fell into the frothy river. It whipped me around and sucked me down. I had never ever felt so helpless! The river bashed me against the rocks and tossed me up and down until I was sure my tears of fright were going to make the river burst its banks.
The river carried me down and down, away from my grandparent’s farm, my brother, the dewy forest. I got weaker with fatigue. The river finally clamed down and I crawled to an unfamiliar bank. I lay upon the sand, breathing heavily, vaguely aware of a group of boys playing just a way down from where I fell asleep.

I woke in some kind of facility. Looking around, I realize I am in a hospital.
“You’re up. Good.” The woman by my bed smiled. “You took lots of blows to the head. Can you tell me your name?”
I rack my brain. Who am I? A few letters come to mind, but nothing I can put my finger on. A tear rolls down my cheek and my mouth goes dry.
“No.” I whisper sadly. I can’t remember my name, address, or even my age! I realize, with a sinking feeling, I am truly, utterly alone.

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