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October 24, 2014
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“Once upon a time…”
“Daren, Daren. What was that?”
Mrs.Hamel cut me off before I even got the first few words out.  I looked at my worn down tennis shoes as I answered her.
“Well, um mam. That was my a attention getter. Mam.”

“Daren, that is not an attention getter. That is the start to a children's fairytale. Not a short story.”
The way she said it annoyed me. It was in a half pity half annoyed tone. And the way said said children was as if it were two words she adi it child-ren. Bemde she thinks it makes her sound more official, but for a language arts teacher I think it just made her sound like a child-ren. But who am I to judge as you can probably tell I’m not that good with grammar.

Mrs.Hamel said in an urgent tone.
“You’ve been staring blankly at your feet for the past minute! Do you understand me or not? If you do not, you may use one of the example attention getters from the board.”
“No. I’m, I’m a fine. I can do my own.”
I answered still staring down at my feet where I just realized my toes were sticking out of the sides where it had ripped. I made a mental note to get that fixed.
“You may go back to you seat now.”

She said in an irritated tone. I heard some kids snicker and I blushed. It reminded me of a seen in the movie A Christmas Story. I slowly walked back to my seat. I never wanted to leave this class. I may get mocked in this class but it’s nothing compared to what I have to face outside of it. I’m sick of having it put ice on my eye every night, or crying till I can’t anymore. I’m sick having my parents talk to me every night telling that I shouldn’t let it get to me, that I’m none of the things people call me and that they will always love me no matter what. I just want a break from it for one day. But that will never happen. I’m just glad that this class just started.
I sit in my seat and just stare at my paper. Cause the thing is, I thought that once upon a time was a good attention getter. Doesn’t it make you want to read something if it starts with that. I’m just sitting there for about five minutes having no idea what to write about when Mrs.Hamel steps up to the front of the room and starts talking.

“So,you are all working on your short stories. But now I want to make it more interesting.”
Oh great. Last time she said that we had to give a speech in front of class.

“When you type it up tonight I want you to not put your anywhere on the paper. And I will grade you based just on your story. Also I will give five extra credit points to the person with the title that catches my eye the most.”
She finished. Instantly kids started talking. A small part of me made my think that this was my chance to prove myself. To show that I can do something. A that part of me took over and I started writing. The next day I come into class with the full thing typed. And a title I thought for sure to win. I titled it. Don’t Read This. And It was about a girl named August who went through the same things I do. I was my way of reminding myself that I’m not alone. And the story started….
“Once upon a time….” “August, August. What was that?”

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TheUglyYouth said...
Mar. 17, 2015 at 10:49 pm
I love this!!! The whole concept is so good! nice job (thumbs up!!)
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