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Jolt at Night

The beautiful, deep, dark, smooth night had enveloped me. My mind was in a state of absolute bliss. Warm sheets hugged me close as I sunk deeper and deeper into the realm of numbing tranquility…

Suddenly I sat bolt upright. Breathing ragged, coarse, a perfect counterpart for my fists, which had abruptly clenched, knuckles white. My mind reeled, trying hard to place what had disturbed my sleep so. But I could not come up with any reason, my mind had succumbed to a void of vacantness. Slowly, I lowered myself back into a comfortable position, adjusting it so that I could slip back under the covers, still warm and inviting. I longed to take them up on their offer as they welcomed me into their hold. Yet, I could not get over the nagging feeling that now stood out stark and bright in my mind; a ghastly ghoul slicing through the heavenly boundaries of my soul.

Suddenly, I flew back into my sitting position, wide awake, eyes straining into the darkness. A pulsing consumed me, followed by haggard pants, and then a more subtle, but still undoubtedly heavy, breathing. I close my eyes in fatigue, fingers pressed to the bridge of my nose, but I daren’t fall back into the grasp of my sheets, I was sure that this feeling would overcome me again, and I had no wish to feel this way again. Gradually, I ridiculed myself to the point that my heart had stopped leaping around, and it had satisfied itself with a regular thump da thump da thump.

I folded my legs into a pretzel, propping my elbows up against my knees, leaning over so that I could rest my chin against the flesh of my palms.

What was it that had frightened me to this extent? Surely it was nothing more than some childish antics that I had dreamt up while foolishly running around in the land of Oz. Or perhaps Miles, the ghost-furred cat that lived next door, had started clawing against our back door again?
I brought my gaze down into my lap, and was surprised to find that my fingers had subconsciously wound themselves tight into my blankets. Hastily, I rushed to liberate them.
Suddenly, a flash of brilliance leapt across my room, dramatically entering, and exiting, through the thin curtains. The sounds of persistent tapping, which had been a beating in the background up until now, grew loud and raucous in my ears. The sounds of thunderclaps sounded out.
My brows furrowed, staring past the thin fabric and towards the silhouettes of thrashing branches illuminated by the frequent beam of dazzling light. My mind processed this, still deterred, and then I finally allowed myself to lay my head down on my pillow again.
Another magnificent, but demanding, streak of lightning arced across the sky, causing shadows to dance across my walls. The deep boom of the heavens rang out. Groaning loudly, I held the pillow tight against my ears, knowing full well that such an attempt was futile.
Another stem of light cut through the dark like a knife jaggedly being drawn across flesh, drawing blood. I paled even as I forced my eyes close, knowing full well that my extreme fear of such storms might just be exhibited tonight.
Still trying to force the signs of such a fate, I squeezed my eyes shut even tighter.
This was going to be a long, painful night.

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