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Piano Major

You see, I love performing but the thing is I get so nervous when I do. Like last year I had my piano recital, I knew the piece like the back of my hand. I did amazing practicing with my piano teacher. Then it was time for me to perform, I played just a single note (an octave above middle c) and got up and left. They still clapped for me, but just not as long and loud as everyone else after they performed.

Now my grandma, of all people, who was at my piano recital, (she was cheering me on the loudest after I was done) suggested that I do that with the birds. Now that I think about the only reason she wanted me to do that was because she was tired of those stupid birds always in her yard. She didn't tell me why, she just said just do it.

I remember her exact words, "Now, Jared, I know this is going to sound crazy but I think I have an idea how you can get over your stage fright. Tie all of the birds out in my yard, expect one to a string and hold on to them. Then put the one in this here basket and divide the tied birds in half. One half is tied to the basket, and the other you hold on to. Finally go out to Mr. Peabody's field, then let them go."

I did as I was told, I went out to Mr. Peabody's field and let them go. Looking at them, the birds tied to the cage had a hard time flying because the cage with the bird was weighing them down while the other one was already off. The bird with the cage kept on trying and eventually got it.

I finally got it. I went back to my grandma and explained it to her.

"The birds that were tied to the cage kept on trying to fly away and eventually flew away without a care in the world. But the other one just flew away as the other one kept trying. I think you were trying to tell me that I should keep performing over and over I will eventually not be nervous at all." I said to her.

"Yes, you nailed it perfectly." she replied.

6 years later, I am now a freshman majoring in piano performance. When I perform I don't have a care in the world.

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