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Heartbreak of Glass

The two of us sat under a palm tree, her in her blue dress and auburn hair braided down her back, me and my glasses sitting on the edge of my nose.
We sat in silence, looking at the passing people, which was not unusual for us. When finally, she spoke. “You know what I wonder?”
My eyes were locked on a roller blading couple, zooming down the sidewalk “What?”
She turned her head to me, demanding that I look at her, so I did. “I wonder if the person God makes for us, you know, the one who’s our soul mate, with the same shard of glass embedded in their soul as us, I wonder if, if someone’s soul mate dies before the meet, if they know.”
“How would they know?” I squinted my eyes to block the beaming sun behind her head.
“You know when you have really bad days, you wake up with a sinking feeling in your chest and nothing can make it better. I think that’s the day you lose a part of your soul in the form of someone else dying.”
I sat silently.
She spoke again, “I wonder if God makes you someone else, or if you’re just out of luck?”
“That would sure suck,” I said, it was all I could think to say since she was so eerily serious.
Her hair moved as she nodded at my statement.
“Have you ever had one of those days?” I asked her.
“Yeah,” she whispered like she almost didn’t want me to hear it.
“When?” I said quietly, focused on her face.
She looked away and up at the top of the palm tree. “Today,” her words echoed through my brain and didn’t stop. And the world went quiet, and I understood.

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