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The Uninvited Guests

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Two years back there was a mighty attack. Our forces though strong were few in number but they had the resilience and obviously the advantage of being in majority. We tried various techniques, hoping to defeat them, planning strategies but they were stubborn and no matter how many we squashed, they replicated and their population continued to rise. They made us mad by itching, ugly by red spots on our bodies and drowsy in the morning since the entire night was spent switching on and off the light to discover where they were hiding and sucking our blood. Sometimes we found them hiding under the mattresses, sometimes in the cover of pillows, and even on the quilts they were ready to hide anything but quench their thirst. From my schoolbag and uniform to the pyjamas of my sleeping suit the maroon tiny bedbugs had infested the house.
But how did these unwelcome guests arrive in our house where we had lived for 16 years was the main question that arrived in me and my family members’ heads. We pondered over this a long time creating many assumptions during the process. The first one was what we believe to be highly true. Our neighbor was my mother’s friend. She was a nice and a pious lady who had four tall and lanky sons who while playing cricket had broken many lights in our neighborhood and. However, her house had a dark secret, apart from her four lanky sons, husband and a help there were other members of the house. She had tiny maroon bedbugs that lived secretly in every corner of the house. Therefore every corner of the room was sprayed with pesticides to finish them off but they still would not leave the home which they had learnt to call it as theirs.
This secret was revealed many years later by their maid who I believe had been forced to take an oath upon secrecy. After leaving their house she opened up how they had sprayed to get rid of the bedbugs and how once a bedbug had made an amazing Olympic jump from the bed to the plate where there was a sandwich about to enter the stomach of the nice lady, probably because he was trying how to actually go past one human to another or he was a revolutionist and had switched to sandwiches as his food source. Another interesting fact was that the same maid had lived with us when the neighbor had gone for a holiday and she had brought her clothes in the suitcase which we believe had the bedbugs, who too were vacationing in another house.We believe that the maid’s suitcase had also contributed in helping the bedbugs expand their territory. Anyways, after the maid had revealed the secret my mother did not visit the neighbor’s house that much. However the bedbugs that had already invaded the house multiplied and infested every corner of the house from the cupboards to the rooms. My textbooks had red blood spots since I viciously squashed any bedbug that came near me. Especially the Calculus chapter in my Maths book which I believe I had studied a lot had many spots ranging from small to large. Our grocery bill increased thanks to the uninvited guests. We had to buy large bottles of pesticides to get rid of them but our efforts were always drained. The only family member who was not bothered was our cat “Robocop” who I believed had found new friends to play with them. However Robocop while excitedly playing with them often accidentally squashed them with his paw. He would then try to wake them by touching their bodies with his paw but if they did not start showing any signs of life within twenty seconds they were proclaimed dead and Robocop lost interest trying to find another playful mate probably a bottle cap.

Many a times “invited” guests would come to our house and woke up in the morning complaining of a headache and not having a good night’s sleep. Therefore we ensured that we had enough aspirins to relieve them of their headaches. Once when my sister was working in her office a bedbug came out of nowhere and landed on her colleague’s table. The colleague killed it and asked which office member had contributed this unwanted present. My sister acted innocently asking people what insect it was, whether it was a tiny different species cockroach therefore successfully removing herself from the suspicion list. Even my school had repeated cases of bedbugs running on desks and my classmates gasping at every step the bedbug crossed while I tried to hide my face or pretended I didn’t know what was happening in the class. When my sister was getting married we checked her suitcase ten times ensuring that no bedbug would travel with her to her husband’s house across the city. After she reached she called us a few days later that she had successfully killed one bedbug that had hidden itself in her purse. We dreaded hoping that bedbugs would not spread to her house since if one had been found there were plenty more hidden. Thankfully her house did not come under the invasion of the bedbugs

Afterwards by repeatedly spraying pesticides on a daily basis in every corner of the house the number of the bedbugs has gradually decreased and they are probably migrating to another house with the guests who come to visit our house by clinging to their clothes or body. As I am now finishing the story in my car, I spot a tiny bedbug running towards the driver’s seat. I am moving towards it and oops miss it. Oh well.

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