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A Package

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Nine in the morning. The warm sunlight fights its way through the billowing curtains, activating your internal alarm clock. Your brain urges you to awake, and you do so reluctantly. Tightening your night robe, you slip on your favorite flip-flops to collect the mail. When you open the door, a cool breeze wafts through the silent neighbourhood, alerting your senses and energizing your mind. You stoop down to pick up the newspaper, whose headline reads: Telecom Scam: How They Did It. Sighing, you wonder why the media doesn’t just move on rather than highlighting the same topic for three days straight.  After you open your mailbox, you pull out a letter from your “friendly” bank that is demanding repayment of the debts. It cheerfully reminds you that if you don’t pay them soon, you’ll land up in Debtor’s Jail, and will starve there till the end of your days. But there is also something behind this letter; a package.

Confused, you wonder when you had sent for this package. Maybe it is because of that super old horror movie you watched last night that you forgot. Pulling it out, you try to find what product it encloses. However, you find nothing written on it, save for the company’s name: Amagore. For some strange reason, this name strikes a chord in your heart that nothing has ever touched before: pure terror.

It comes as a shock as you realize that it is the same company featured in the horror movie; the one that was run by maniacal people who wanted to destroy the world. Something urges you to open it, to rip open the package and to release your tension. The other part warns you not to, for right next to the box there is a tag: DO NOT OPEN.

Your exhilarated part tells you with its excited voice to open the package. After all, how bad can it be? Come on, it assures you, get past the crazy horror movie. It can’t be a monster! Your soul is taken off to faraway lands in which you open the package, to find gold and priceless diamond hidden inside it. With the money, you pay back the debts—no, rather you buy the bank. No more worries. With the remaining cash, you purchase a brand new Lambo (Lamborghini) Reventon, the dream car of your life. You also construct a huge palace, complete with zoos, amusement parks, and a forest with a stream running by. Yes, yes, yes, that’s it, you tell yourself. We’ve got to be risk-taking in order to become rich in life. Come to think of it, it’s like a lottery. If you win, you get tons of money, and if you lose, you don’t get hurt much all the same. Well it’s time to do it. If you don’t take it, it’ll fall into the hands of the other people. But you need it! There are so many financial problems….But your cautious side keeps nagging at your consciousness.

No, no, NO! Don’t you understand? What if there’s something dangerous? Right, not a big man-eating snake, but it could be a biological attempt to kill you! What if it contains preserved smallpox bacteria? Possibly a bomb? There’s more than a thousand ways that this thing could harm you. Your mind, already sided with revealing its contents, taunts this side of your mind. OK, so you think. But where’s the proof? Well, your Other Half starts, they say most blasts were caused by the opening of an unknown package. What more proof do you need?

The village is completely isolated, after the murder of your neighbour. The nearest citizen is miles away. There’s no telephone connection. No way of calling the bomb squad. You had to sell your car to pay back some of your debts so no driving to a police station. There are criminals everywhere. If they see you bringing the police, one shot and you’re dead. And they’re expert hiders. The police will never find them. If you keep it for too long, it might blow up if it is a timer bomb.

Mind struggling under the mental war, you step forward and…… 

Wait a second. It’s your story. So decide. What do you do?

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