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The snow flake held its breath as it swirled through the clouds. "Like a roller coaster!" It thought. "But what is a roller coaster?" Suddenly it plummeted down, down until it could see tree and houses. Then up, peeking once more into the cloud before again descending. This time the snowflake found itself being whirled around branches, nearly colliding with chimneys, bobbing ever lower. The snowflake grew more and more anxious as it headed for a windshield. "Not a windshield! I'll be scraped off into the slush!"

The snowflake sucked its breath and curled its toes and just barely avoided the windshield. But now it was on a collision course with a dozen other vehicles, swirling and twisting until it could not tell which direction was down. A semi barreled towards the terrified snowflake, unavoidable as fate. Closing its eyes yet again the snowflake thought of snowmen, and frozen ponds, crystalline fir trees, and icicles.

It counted to ten. To twenty. Surely by now it should feel the smooth metal and glass of the monster. But nothing! And then the snowflake heard a shout.

Opening its eyes it saw three children running in the snow. A gust blew it after them, into their yard and right at- but this was perfect. What the snowflake had always dreamed of, hoped even though it was but a futile hope. The snowflake was about to land on a snowman.

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