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the hill; my year in descriptions This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

This hill: at first sight, it’s the closest thing to perfection. The comfort that the serenity brings here is priceless. Its isolated location ensures peace at all times. The grass diffuses with the flowers planted in the meadow and a light drizzle feeds the field with a daily dose of vitamins.

Absolute bliss. If there were a heaven on Earth, this would surely be it. The birds sing the day away; the crickets chirp the sun to sleep. The night glitters of the most beautiful constellations and in the distance, a firework show begins.

A chilly breeze wafts at the trees and blows a variety of colors to the ground. Red,orange, yellow. The leaves are stunningly shaded, but the edges are jagged and rotten brown. For a split second, there is silence. But the wind howls again and a tornado jumps from the ground.

Chemicals and smoke. The river is contaminated with the spillages of a local chemical plant; a thick cloud of blackened smoke fogs up the sky. A layer of ice coats the ground and the news of an upcoming blizzard spreads around. The grass – dead. The flowers – dead. The hill – dead. A sweet goodbye.

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