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Girl with the Green Eyes

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Have you ever noticed how eyes flick so delicately and quickly? I used to notice this in period three where I had seen a girl who had the longest eyelashes ever. She would flick left, then right, then up and over to the teacher. She would look down at her paper, slower this time, then slow again, following her pencil, as she tried to keep up with the teacher’s loud blabber about the Russian Revolution or whatever. I wasn’t listening, I was too busy concentrating on this girl’s eyes. She would look up when she was bored, and that was quite often in period six. That was art, and she would occupy the time by following the lines of an intricate design on the ceiling with her eyes. She blinked quite a lot, and when she did, it was like....if you’ve ever seen a butterfly when it sits on a leaf? When it’s not flying, but sort of fanning it’s wings. That’s what her blinks were. Very delicate, and quick as....the blink of an eye, if you see what I did there.

Her actual eyes were pretty in a sad sort of way. She dirty blonde, with deep green eyes that shown when somebody made her laugh, which wasn’t very much. Her skin was a light tan, with no acne, which was a rarity in the twelfth grade. She didn’t wear any make-up; her eyelashes were actually pretty dark anyway. She was actually very pretty, but I was focused on her eyes, as I said before. Blink, flick, flick. Look, stare, look, look, follow, trace. Half-way through the school year, I noticed a change in her eyes. They looked like they had lost some of their shine, their happiness. She still smile every so often, still rarely laughed, and she still traced the art room ceiling with her gaze. Her eyelashes remained to cover the room in period in three and capture my attention. A month later, there was another change: she had circles under those emerald eyes. They were prominent, and I could see them from across the room. The marks darkened her light even more. She had stopped laughing and her smile was so uncommon that it was definitely a huge feat if you could see it. Like a rainbow, so infrequent, but so special. And then one day, that girl stopped showing up in period three or period six. In fact, she wasn’t even in school. A week later we found out she had chosen to end her life.

I graduated and went to college for art. I married a wonderful woman and had two boys. I became a moderately famous painter. On the nights where I have galleries, people crowd in to see my newest paintings. I usually keep a painting up for a week and then take it down if it has not been bought. But one night, a man came up to me and told me that he would pay me twice the original price to have one for my paintings stay in the gallery, for all to see. I accepted, and to this day, that painting sits in a glass case on a stone pedestal. The plate below it recognizes the man who bought it and me, the painter.

And in bold is the title: Girl With Green Eyes.

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