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Hearing a beeping that was all too familiar with him, Allen began to awaken. He knew that something was wrong, but couldn't remember anything. The only thing he knew for sure was that his name was Allen, and that he had been in the hospital like this before.

Not seeing anyone around once he opened his eyes, Allen walked from the bed to what looked like a restroom attached to the room. He watched in the mirror, only recognizing his own face slightly.

His hair was a dark brown color, and curled at his neck and ears. His eyes were soft; they looked like a bluish green color, and for some reason, he could see them on someone else better than his own face.

Shaking the thoughts away, he moved around the room with what seemed like expertise to find some sort of identification. There was a duffle bag laying on a recliner chair; maybe that could tell him something.

Allen's thoughts had brought him to an outfit, but no identification of any sort. He didn't get the chance to look any longer, as a doctor walked in the door behind him with a woman that seemed familiar.

“Oh thank God, Allen. You have no clue how worried I was about you!” the woman seemed relieved, but Allen couldn't shake the look of confusion off his face, because that's what he was. “Allen? Are you feeling alright?” the woman asked.

Allen desperately wanted to know what made her seem so familiar. He scanned her facial features; curly blonde hair, light blue eyes, a small patch of freckles over her nose. You wouldn't notice them if you weren't looking for them. Allen saw another face, a young face. He didn't even know why these flashes kept coming and going; they just were.

“Allen, what's wrong with you?” the woman asked again after no response.

“Mister Webber?” the doctor asked.

“Who are you?” Allen finally asked. The doctor sighed softly as if anticipating this.

“I was afraid of this. It seems that James here has Amnesia.” Allen finally read the name tag of the doctor and found that his name was Mcgakric.

“Amnesia?” Allen and the woman asked together.

“Yes, Amnesia. James Allen Webber can not remember anything about his life. He doesn't remember you, his dog, or the baby.” Mcgakric explained, beginning to write something down on a chart.

“I have a dog?” Allen asked. He felt like a guy that would like dogs. But what troubled him the most didn't reach his mind until after that question and he felt compelled to ask. “A baby?”

“You don't even remember Madison?” the woman asked, seeming appalled. Allen didn't know if he should apologize or not for not remembering a baby that he didn't even know existed at the moment.

“” Allen said, though it ended up sounding more like a question. For a moment, he wondered if the woman had even heard that the doctor explained what Amnesia was. Though, they were both here, there was no way she could have missed it. Then he wondered why she was even here. “Who are you?”

The blonde sighed softly. “I'm your wife, Allen. Emily Anne Webber.”

Allen didn't know if he should welcome her with open arms or continue to wonder why he was with this girl. If they were married, than why did he want her away from him completely at the moment? He had a bad feeling that he would find out later.

“So, Doctor Mcgakric, what can we do to help jog Al's memory?” Emily asked.

“Don't call me Al.”Allen said, wondering why he had allowed it to slip out. He shouldn't care if he was called Al or not by this woman, though for some reason he did. It wasn't like the name Al brought up any bad memories from him or anything.

“Well, Miss Webber, you could take him to a hypnotherapist like many patients have done, or you can simply try to jog his memory by bringing him to familiar places, or showing him familiar things. Maybe some time with the baby would help bring his memory back, and maybe if some of his relatives dropped by, he would start to remember more,” Mcgakric suggested. “Unfortunately, that is all I can offer you.”

“Well, I'll discharge him, bring him home to see everyone, and then first thing Monday we will go see a hypnotherapist and see what they can do.” Emily decided without any input from Allen.

With that, the doctor and woman went off to sign the discharge papers, while Allen helped himself to the clothing that was in the duffle. He didn't want to be in a hospital gown any longer.

The ride home with this woman was awkward. She drove, not trusting him behind the wheel, and he wasn't sure he even trusted himself with that. The pickup truck they were driving home in made Emily look entirely too small, but she drove it just fine.

Pulling into the driveway of a small house, they both exited the car and walked in. It was a surprise when Allen was bombarded with other people that were around. They all had blonde hair and blue eyes, just like Emily, and Emily was right, there was a baby there.

The baby was cute, she had blonde curls, but by the color of them, they looked like they would get brown as she grew and end up more like Allen's hair color. Her eyes were bright blue, and they would stay blue.

“She's cute, what is she, six months?” Allen asked, getting everyone laughing; he had learned quickly that all of the blonde people were Emily's family.

“Maddy's six months today, Allen.” Emily said, holding the baby as if she had been doing it forever. Well, if Madison was their baby then she had been doing it for six months.

Emily's siblings had left soon after, but her parents had stayed. Allen learned moments later that they actually lived with Emily's parents, and had been unable to afford their own place to stay.

“Allen, will you take Maddy for her nap? I gotta get ready for work.” Emily said, handing the blonde baby off to Allen. It was a bit odd for him to hold her at first, but he had become adjusted rather quickly.

“Sure thing,” Allen said, walking down the hall where he assumed the bedrooms were. The first door he entered was the bathroom, which had caused Maddy to begin laughing excitedly. “What, now you're gonna laugh at me too?” Allen asked, which only caused her to laugh more.

It would be a pain to get her to nap at this point, or at least that's what he thought. Opening another door, he saw that it looked like a teenage girl's room. Pink walls, a queen sized bed with pink sheets and a million pillows. Though, there was a crib in there as well, so that's what he went for.

Allen figured that he should check if she needed a diaper change before she went to bed, and luckily she didn't. So all he did was place her in the crib, turn on her mobile that hung over the crib as if he had been doing it forever, and move to walk out of the room.

Before he could, however, he began to hear a voice that he hadn't heard before.

“What do you think you're doing here?” Emily's voice asked. Allen had become curious and walked close to the door, though not leaving it, just listening carefully.

“I wanted to see Al, find out what's going on with him.” a familiar voice spoke. For some reason, it shot through Allen like he had been hearing it his entire life. It was more familiar than Emily, Madison, hell, even his own face!

“If you wanted to find out if he was alright, you should have seen him at the hospital. Then you would know.” Emily said, her voice dripping with venom like a poisonous snake.

“Well thanks for telling me that he was even in the hospital! I had to find out from friends that live in the area thanks to your bullshit!” the voice shouted; his voice echoing throughout the house. It caught Madison's attention as well, showing it as she stood in her crib to find out what was going on.

“Stop shouting! You're going to walk Madison who was just put down for her nap by Allen. So, as you can see, he's fine.” Emily said.

Allen wasn't going to let her keep someone away from him that easily. He glanced at Madison before he left to see someone who caught his memories instantly. He was the freckly little boy that had emerald green eyes and brown hair that had previously been blonde.


“Jake, when's Dad coming home?”

“He'll be home when he can. You know how busy he is with his meetings and stuff. Gotta make ends meet, ya know?”

“Yeah, I know. Wanna watch Thundercats?”

“Anything for you, kid.”


“..Jake?” Allen asked with slight hesitation. For some reason, he felt the need to impress this character; not wanting to disappoint him with the news of Amnesia.

“Hey, Al.” Jake smiled, and for some reason, Allen didn't mind it when he said it.

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