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The Symphony of Honks

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The impeccable timing with which the honking presents itself has never ceased to amaze me. To many, the regular occurrence of honking seems like pandemonium; however, I am able to find happiness in the cacophony around me. As they say, 'only the sensitive can understand.'

The idea to write this article struck me when I was in a dreamless, half-conscious state. I was sitting in a car, when, naturally, the full out honking blasted me back to life. It was then that I was amazed by what was going on. True orchestra players should take inspiration from our drivers; the confidence in which they perform their extempore is truly brilliant.

The first honk comes from a lorry. Its simple but catchy tune is just a display to show what musical beauty is in store for the road.
The next is always from a Mahindra Scorpio. Its honk serves as the base throughout the performance.

Slowly, the other participants begin to reveal themselves.
The soaring highs of the motorcycles and scooters are soon accompanied by the calming baritone of our everyday cars and minivans. The bells of bicycles provide a classical sense to this high-tech procession. Buses, of schools and governments alike, chime in from time to time to add variety to the mixture. The irregular honks of auto-rickshaws keeps the music engaging.

This all is, of course, accentuated by the periodic whistles of the overweight traffic policeman eagerly awaiting his next bribe.

Within minutes, all the drivers are giving it 'their all'. They are entirely engrossed in this time-killing joy, entirely ignoring those people who rush across the street. In fact, their enthusiasm is so contagious that the drivers of the opposite lane cannot help but join in and start blaring their horn and no one in particular, carrying the message forward to any people they chance upon. Everyone forgets their worries and differences; relationship problems and deadlines, and join together in this single, spectacular unifying act, Passer-bys stop and stare with amazement at the passion with which the drivers are conducting their hobby.

Of course, as with all things, it all comes to an end. The police gets his fair share of black money. The Tata Nano conducts a little, tragic and depressing soliloquy. The joy of the moment is lost as everyone remembers their personal issues. Indeed; the world is a much more gloomy place when the honk songs are over.
To this day, my heart is filled with jubilance and shameless gratitude every time I see "Horn OK Please." I know no one will hesitate; and I ready myself for the next showing of the memorable Honk Symphony.

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