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Whenever I am gifted with free, joyfully unrestricted time, I find my mind wandering to the recesses of memory, bringing back memories that are from years ago, but seem to have taken place only seconds before.
I wince at my mistakes as though I had just committed them, and smile at jokes as though they were just said. I take pride in my accomplishments, and feel shame for my careless failings. I reminisce on my life so far, and feel a unique amalgamation of joy and sorrow, a reflection on the events of my life that no one else on this planet can match, or even hope to compete with.
Indeed, there may be those who have had more happy, or successful lives than me, but their own achievements mean nothing if I cannot know exactly how it felt. It is this singular quality of my own memories that makes it, perhaps, my most precious and treasured possession. Nothing else can help me relive the emotions, the actions, the pain, the thoughts of my past as if I has somehow been transported back in time.
Though many may find it to be the most precious moments of their life to be in their soon to be revealed future, I differ. I find solace in my thoughts and actions of my past. To me, it is at these times, when my brain blurs the gap between the past and the past and the present, the done and the doing, the was and the am, that I find to be life's greatest moments.

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SaiPriyatham said...
today at 9:39 am:
alakdhsfjcabibdfhjasfcj amazing!!!:D real deep maybe a bit too deep... ;D
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