Simply Anne

I walk down the hall, dragging my hand across the ugly blue wallpaper as I go. My bare feet tingle on the hard linoleum floor. I turn down an identical hallway and come to a stop outside Anne’s door. I peek in and see Anne staring out her window, her skin as white as the smooth skin on the alabaster angels guarding the hospital. She jumped at the shrill noise the door made as I opened it. She fell out of her trance at the window and came over to me. She was silent for more than moments, her lips were closed but her eyes showed she wanted to scream until her throat was raw. Anne’s beautiful green eyes looked into mine. I watched the gold flecks in her iris dance. Then they grew watery, wetter and wetter until her eyes could not hold the water anymore. Anne sat down on her bed and closed her eyes trying to keep in her tears. I just stood there useless, not able to mend her pain, so I did the smallest simplest thing I could do. I moved over to her bed and I hugged her. We sat there for a long time; I felt her frail body against mine and her warm tears flowing down my back. Finally, she lifted her face off my shoulder. The red curls made a halo around her face; her hands wiped away the tears and started to gather her halo into a ponytail.
“I have to get out of here,” she whispered, “I’m going to go crazy.”
I smiled, “More than you already are?” I asked waiting for her smile, the one I knew belonged on that face, to creep out of the shadows. The corners of her lips quivered and spread into a wry smile. “Now, let’s go get some food,” I whisper, “Maybe your nurse has Oreos again.”
“I guess I could go for some Oreos right now,” she grinned again, “let’s go find her.” And the two of us ventured off into the hallway on a search for cookies.

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