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Mr. Dorsan -A diving instructor

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It was our reunion, a perfect day for us when our gang of 4 met each other after struggling 4 our hectic 4 yrs. Finally, taking a break from our hectic schedule we planned a holiday for 1 year, all thanks to Sandra. I knew she would ever arrange a hangout plan she will definitely choose Australia, not because it will be so cool to be there but all because she took her first cry there. Financially, after playing in billions in our IT job we thought to give ourselves time but being together. Well and well, we all met finally in Townsville airport of Australia. All hugged each other warmly, and Penelope lifted me up in excitement.

And after a while we took a suit in nearby hotel. We had so much to, so much to discuss on and yes we started at tea time. Well this time our gossips were not about people as it use to be in our college times, this time we all had was to discuss about each other’s profession, and so on regarding our profession, I guess all were waiting for each other to start a topic rather than this and finally Sandra broke those profession talks by asking about our future planning in the sense of marriage, love and bla bla bla. All were involved fully now and their mood became perfect and joyful. Our talking continued till the dinner and then Sandra told us about her planning of holiday. She planned a sport, underwater diving.

“N……..O!”Penelope said. The reaction of Penelope was something to notice as she was looking funny being afraid.

She was aqua phobic but off course being friends we made her ready.

I was so excited for tomorrow morning and around 6 o clocks we reached SS Yongala Wreck, which very famous for underwater diving. We were not at all expert in scuba diving. So we hired a diving instructor name Mr. Peter Dorsan. He was young like us, and seemed of similar age too. But then too respectfully we called him Mr. Dorsan. Those tight diving suits were given to us also; Mr. Dorsan first guided us some actions to be done inside the water for precautions. We understood the same and finally we were there inside the water. He continued sowing us the use of oxygen cylinders and about precautions. Sandra was feeling good; I guess she was no more aqua phobic now. For today our training was over and it was near bank only and the main diving we had to do was tomorrow.

We all thanked Mr. Dorsan after training and finally landed on land. We invited Mr. Dorsan for dinner and he was ready too.
We were back in hotel for dinner and Mr. Dorsan also arrived, he friendly told us about his experience of diving and even about his changing jobs which he do to have all kinds of experience in life and even earns enough money to satisfy his needs. We were happy too and treated with him as a new friend. He went after dinner. I loved the way he talked he expressed his life, but I said nothing such in front of him, there was a smile on my face and blush on my chicks when he said “so too I smiled to express my gratitude, overall I liked that person.
And here we go for diving, what I saw was more than amazing, small fishes and creatures there, it was just so very awesome,

It was all blue there, I felt like I am in most silent place of world, with my heart ,my breaths and nothing, I could feel my each and every breath, I could feel my own self. It was WOW!
We all went out of water after the miraculous diving, and sat quietly on ship and realized from where we came was more good then heaven. I Mr. Dorsan was aside seeing the beautiful scenario around, I went to him and hugged him, don’t know why may be because the way he instructed made us to dive ,made us to reach the beautiful place of the world…may be. And after a while we turned ship back to the bank.

He now invited us in Chinese restaurant for dinner and we went, Penelope was foodie enough and more in the matter of Chinese food.
We reached and he was already there on table no. 9 .Once again after that tasty food and some pleasant talks with Mr. Dorsan we thought to go back to the hotel as it was already late. Mr. Dorsan dropped us till bus stop and turned to cross road.
Sandra said him –“Bye Mr. Dorsan” as it was our last meeting with him, he turned back on the road and was hard hit by a truck which was not in control of driver. All vehicles around were stopped. We all three ran to him, he had a forehead hemorrhage, Ambulance was already called by some people, but he was declared dead by people who came in ambulance. He was dead and was taken to hospital. We all were in state of shock, a tear peeking through my eyes slightly slipped down. He somewhere became my best buddy or more than that.
Respectfully we went to his funeral with red roses.

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