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Cornflower Bouquet

The little girl runs through the soft blueberry bushes and sits in the middle of the dirt path. She sits down and starts tracing shapes in the dirt. Her mother has been picking blueberries all day and she’s bored. Her mother insists that they spend the whole day here to have enough blueberries to last the winter. The little girl hops back up from the ground and runs to her mom.
“Moma, can I have some juice?” The little girl asks tugging on her mom’s long skirt.
“Sure sweetheart,” The little girl’s mother turns from the bush she is picking from.
She bends at her waist digging through the big blue bag she brought with them to the field. She pulls out an old bottle that is filled with fresh grape juice. The little girl takes the bottle from her mother and skips away.
She finds herself in the middle of the woods just next to the blueberry field. She sits on a stump that has long ago died. The little girl sips happily on the juice. Her long black hair twisted into a neat plaited braid runs down the center of her back. Her mom spent twenty minutes carefully combing through her thick hair before braiding it. She looks around, the birds sitting happily in the trees singing, a squirrel scurries along the ground behind her already searching for food to store for winter.
When the little girl has finished her juice she runs back through the woods to find her mother in the blueberry field. She slips the bottle back into the big blue bag and runs away before her mother sees her. The little girl wanders back to the woods and jumps up on the stump she was sitting on minutes ago. She spins around raising her hands high into the air. She hops down from the stump dizzy. She teeters back and forth before breaking through the tree line into a clearing.
She finds herself in a field of cornflowers. She is delighted and begins to pick the violet-blue flowers. She quickly has a huge bundle in her small arms. The little girl runs through the field, the woods, and the blueberry field in search of her mother.
When she finds her she is overcome with excitement, “Moma! Look what I found! I’ve picked these for you!”
“Oh sweetie, thank you! This is a beautiful cornflower bouquet,” The little girl’s mother takes the flowers from her and places it on the ground next to the big blue bag, “Now run along sweetheart leave moma to do her work, go play.”

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