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The Perfect Chance

One day Maya and her friends were coversating at a party. As she was talking she could see that one of her classmates was standing by themselves.. Maya laughed and a evil comment bursted out of her mouth just like when lava explodes out of a volcano. “look at how weird Terri is, she looks so dumb just standing there” Maya walked up to her. “Why are you even here? Can’t you see that this party is for people who actually know how to communicate? And you can’t be here because you are stupid and dumb for not having any social skills at all” looking confused Terri said, “okay let me get this straight, you never even talked to me a day in your life, you never even bothered to get to know me, and you think you have the right to judge me?” “pretty much yeah” “I may not be the most talkative person ever. But I’m far from a bad person. So before you laugh at other people’s weaknesses how about you do me a quick favor and make sure you take a quick look at yourself first” “Why should I do that, there is nothing wrong with me” “are you sure about that, or are you just too stubborn to find out?” Maya ignored Terri’s conversation and rolled her eyes. “yeah whatever” She bumped in to Terri causing her to spill her drink, then she turned around and sarcastically said, “oops sorry” and walked away laughing like the quick to judge person she is. “Fine I don’t care this gathering is stupid anyway I have better things to do then be surrounded by immature people”
Avalanna come along and could see that Terri was crying. “Hi Terri, what’s wrong?” “I’m sick and tired of people making fun of me because I’m different” “don’t worry people like that are not even worth crying over. You’re a great person and it shouldn’t matter what somebody else has to say about you” “Hey you know that girl Maya from class who is always gossiping? yeah well she spilled orange juice on me and then had the nerve to laugh, and before that she called me stupid for not having social skills” Avallanna started to become furious after she heard what Maya said to her friend. “she did say mean things before in the past and has performed a lot of hurtful actions, but this one draws the line” “where are you going” “having a “nice” talk with Maya so she can be straightened out” “don’t try setting her straight. She is never going to learn” “Well I’m not going to stand here and let my best friend get hurt” “but you said she isn’t worth it, so why are you so worked up for? “because Maya caused your outfit to be wet then laughed about it, and that made me really upset because you are a great friend and you don’t deserve to be treated a certain way just because your not how Maya wants you to be” “thanks for the help, I really appreciated it” “your welcome, but no time to talk now we’ll talk later. I have a very important task to complete” After Avallana walked up to Maya she could see that she was annoyed because before she opened her mouth she let out a over exaggerated sigh “OMG what’s your problem?” “All right first off loose the attitude and why were you picking and singling out on Terri?” “because she is weird and dumb for not being able to talk to people” “oh and you think you’re perfect. I’m sure you have weak spots to but you’re too stuck up to realize that so you start to look for the next victim to criticize because you think that it will make you feel like that there is nothing wrong with you, when in reality there is. So how about you grow up, stop acting immature and quit being so mean and cruel just because some people are different” “how about no” “listen, Terri may not be an outgoing person but she is a great person to spend time with and before you gossip and spread hateful rumors about her why don’t you at least try to know her. Is it really that hard to do?” “I can’t do that I’m sorry” “you know what? Fine I’ll hang out with her myself because you’re obviously too “perfect” to do that. And you make it seem like such a big deal and a bad thing if you hang out with someone who is different and has a personality far from yours.” “I can’t stand a person who isn’t exactly like me” “I’m leaving”
“So did you set her straight?” spoke Terri ‘no, she didn’t even seem like she was paying attention to what I was saying, it’s like she is never going to learn.” “maybe we should just forget about her and go back to my place and just hang out or something” “yeah sure why not?” Avalanna took Terri for a ride back at her house. “Wow, you have a nice house” “oh thanks, a lot of people say that it’s lovely” There was a glass table with a tulip center piece, homemade peach painted china plates decorated with vanilla French swirls and assorted candy fruits inside transparent teacups and brown sugar layered in-between. “your table has beautiful decorations” “thanks I did the decorating myself.“ Avalanna and Terri went upstairs to paint nails, watch their favorite cartoons, and play board games. The following Monday they went to school and a shocking confession was awaiting them……

Avalanna and Terri spotted Maya at school. “Hi Terri, I need to talk to Avalanna alone”
Not knowing what was going on Terri just proceeded to her next class. “I know I hurt Terri’s feelings and gave you a hard time, but I thought about what you said Friday night , and maybe it’s time for me to change my attitude and give her a chance” “so on Friday you made my friend tear up, call her nasty names, giggle at her you couldn’t even take a second to say sorry like you actually mean it, and now you have the courtesy now, 3 days later? I don’t even know if I should trust you” “why can’t we just put all that behind us? That was the past this is now and so many days in the future await us” “Do you really want to give her chance, or are you just going to try to find another reason to put her down, because if you’re just going to take this as a joke, fool around and not take it seriously then you can just get out of my face right now because I can’t have you stand here and waste my time” “don’t worry, I’m honest, I do want to spend time with her” “okay, but just for one day, and Terri and I were planning on taking a trip to the Palm tree outdoor mall just off the coast of the Island. “all right, let’s just hope it does not rain” “how do you feel about meeting me and Terri after school at 2:40, so you can have time to go to your locker and put your stuff away” “sound good to me” Avalanna went back to class, “hey Terri, remember those plans that we discussed before on Friday, well I hope you don’t get mad or upset or anything but Maya spoke to me in the hallway and said that she wanted to meet up with you and get to know you alittle bit and give you a chance” “so she finally quit being Miss Perfect and actually opened her eyes to the real world, this is a miracle. I don’t even think this is a reality, I’m probably in bed right now sleeping, I need to pinch myself” “you don’t have to, believe it or not, this is no dream, this is real actual life” After several failed attempts to try to wake up, Terri still failed each one “okay, I’m convinced” Avalanna and Terri then studied history, English, and biology until the 2:30 bell. Ten minutes later Avalanna and Terri met up with Maya. “How far away is the mall from here?” “only 15 minutes” “all right, let’s go right now before it gets too dark out” They all arrived at the Palm tree outdoor mall and what they saw was the most amazing scenery that anyone ever cast their eyes on upon before. “Where do you want to go first?” “I was thinking the arcade. That’s a very fun place” “all right, let’s go” The arcade was filled with prizes, games, and virtual surfing and boogie board stimulation rides. Both Avalanna and Maya could get a clue that Terri really enjoyed dancing because once she saw the “dance dance paradise challenge” game, her eyes lit up and she ran fearlessly with excitement. As Terri chose her avater, song, and setting happiness started to grow upon her face. She didn’t even start the game, and she was already glowing with glee. When the game started, Terri was burning the stage with her energetic moves, some she created from scratch. Maya seemed astonished and shocked that Terri had good physical skills. Terri kept on moving some more, like she was isolated in a night club with nothing but darkness and lights to set off the mood. She didn’t even feel like she was at an arcade until the game was over and she took a trip back to reality. “wow I didn’t know you had dancing abilities, how long have you been dancing for?” “since I was 5. I was supposed to be a professional ballet dancer, but I wanted to do fast type instead” “I’m sorry for being so harsh to you. I was too carried away and caused a scene all because of my popularity and I let my selfishness ruin a night that was supposed to be perfect for you. “it’s okay not everyone is perfect and besides it doesn‘t even bother me” “But I kind of feel bad that you had to miss out on the party, all because of how rude and miserable I was and I regret destroying your bad time. I let my perfection get the best of me and turn me into such a horrible person.” “It’s all right, I forgive you, I’m not going to stress about something that happened before. Sometimes there are situations where you have to let go of the past, because you can never fix it, focus on the present because you never know when your time is up and hold on to the future because there are many great opportunities and surprises that await you and I shouldn’t waste my life being worried and neither should you. So let’s just put all the bad behind us and move on the good” “okay maybe you are right” “trust me, I know I’m speaking the truth, I’m sure of it” “you may not be social, but you just made a very good point, and you do give good advice” “thank you” “maybe you’re not so bad after all. After I got a chance to talk to you, you actually said something that made perfect sense and everyone can relate to it on a day to day basis. I actually kind of find you to be a very optimist person” “thank you, I do try to stay positive but sometimes. I do admit that I sometimes cry, but I must learn how to stay strong and not let anyone get the best of me, because I know that deep down inside that I am a remarkable person and I don’t need anyone telling me otherwise” “I like how you think” “oh thanks” “your welcome” While Maya and Terri were talking, Avalanna enjoyed a boogie board game called “Hawaiian Racers 3” “Does she boogie board in real life” “yeah, mostly every day of the year, since we live in the Bahamas and it never ever snows” “I like you a lot, you’re very cool, knowledgeable and you know how to dance “thanks again, a lot of people say that I have talent” “well they’re right for saying that” After Avalanna was done playing her game, she joined Terri and Maya and they all had a conversation together. “How was the game. Did you enjoy it at all” “it was awesome. I won three times in a row and I boogie boarded I some very cool but strange places” “sounds fun” “yeah well there was this stage where I was in the mount desert Island off the coast of Maine and I had to watch out for canoes or else I would get hit by one and loose some of my energy or either that, sink to the bottom of the ocean” “did you manage to escape the canoes” “yes I did and the best part, my boogie board and a canoe never came close to each other once even for a second” “I think you should really play, you won’t be sorry once you discover how incredible and awesome the riding experience is. The graphics are so cool and the board really moves side by side and in many other types of motions like up and down, that it actually feels like your boogie boarding in real life” “well I could tell that you were getting in to the game, because while Maya and I were conversating, you seemed like you had the time of your life” “of course I did. Hawaiian riders 3 is the best simulation game ever created” Maya’s words began to interfere with the conversation “It’s 4o’clock maybe we should head on out and start finishing our homework” “okay sound fair to me, and I do need some time to myself before I study later on” “this was a really fun get together maybe we should do another activity next weekend or some other time when we are not so busy with school work” “sounds like a perfect plan, and a really fun one” “how about this Friday?” “There is no school the next day, so sure why not, Friday it is?” “where do you want to meet?” “well both Avalanna and I have the same classes every day, and on the lat period we are going to both be in history, so why don’t you meet as at room 244” “okay I’ll make sure that I’m there” “you know what, just incase you forget, I’ll just write you a note so you can be reminded” “all right, thanks for the note. I’ll meet you both this Friday, and let’s make the best of it in 4 days from now” “don’t worry about it, you’ll have a very good time this weekend” “I sure hope so” “don’t doubt it, I know a very good place we can go to and I am sure enough that you are going to enjoy it also” “okay I can’t wait. I’m already tingling with excitement and it’s not even mid week yet” “okay so we’ll be in room 244 on Friday, so don’t forget to meet as there. Keep that note in your locker to remind you every day” “I’ll be there. Who can resist a fun weekend? I know that I can’t” “I can’t wait this is going to be an awesome Friday”

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cottoncandy28This teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
Apr. 14, 2013 at 2:04 pm
I think whoever rated this as 2 stars is just jealous. 
cottoncandy28This teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
Apr. 13, 2013 at 4:45 pm
I don't understand why this aritcle needs work. I had someone read it and they said I did a great job. Infact, they said the word great twice. I think the problem is jealousy. 
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