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Me, mom, and the boy from school......

Me : Mom.....
Mom : What do you want now Lindsey?
Me : Ummm....can i bring a friend home?
Mom : What it a boy ?
Me : yeah....umm and his name is Jhonny!
Mom : Fine.....just be glad your dad is gonna be home and not me.

(i go to school, and Jhonny comes home with me)

Me : MOM!!!!! What are you doing said dad was gonna be here!
Jhonny : Is something wrong? I can leave its ok.
Mom : No. stay everything is fine...say jhonny have you ever seen her father's shot gun.
(mom pulls shot gun out of the safe and loads it)
Jhonny : No mam.....
( his eyes get the size of softballs there is fear in his voice)
Mom : well then this should be fun
( she sits on the couch, laying the gun on the lap pointed at him)
Me : Jhonny...RUN!!!!!
( he jumps up and runs out the door)
Mom : aww honey i was only gonna threaten him, i wasnt going to shoot him. I dont know the boy well enough to waste my ammo on him!


That is why you never bring people home to your parents......true story! Smart people dont waste ammo on dumb things!

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